Sun Image credit Pexels\pixabay under CC0iCIMS has announced its Summer 2022 product release. It has made improvements across several of its solutions, improving how companies can attract, recruit, engage and retain talent as organisations struggle to find and keep the best people in their organisation

Mark Brandau, VP of portfolio marketing at iCIMS (Image credit LinkedIn)
Mark Brandau, VP of portfolio marketing at iCIMS (Image credit LinkedIn)

Mark Brandau, vice president, portfolio marketing, iCIMS, commented: “It’s never been a more challenging time in talent acquisition. In an uncertain market, leaders are quickly reprioritizing investments to continue to drive business forward. Whether companies are accelerating, adjusting or rethinking hiring, talent leaders need modern tools, technology and access to real-time data to inform decisions and better address their biggest challenges and priorities today.” 

What is in the Summer release?

There are updates across various applications, with a brief summary of each below:

iCIMS ATS sees a new integrated job advertising that enables recruiters to create and launch job adverts to thousand of global job boards. There are new integrations with SAP SuccessFactors, ADP Workforce Now or ADP Next Gen HCM. The interview scheduler supports multi-person and multi-meeting interview processes. Candidates are also able to self-service the setting up of interview times.

iCIMS Digital Assistant adds a new resumé upload feature within the chatbot. This then automates the job matching for new applicants, enhancing their experience and delivering faster applicant conversion. This feature requires iCIMS Digital Assistant and iCIMS Applicant Tracking.

iCIMS CRM sees new automated job alerts and the ability to add statuses in pipelines. Analytics reporting dashboards are now available to recruiter admins directly within iCIMS Candidate Relationship Management

iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace has enhancements that make it simpler for employees to add skills and develop their profiles. The automated matching process will then present personalized opportunities from across the company to employees.

iCIMS Video Studio has added iCIMS Video Studio Offer & Onboarding. The new feature enables employees and leaders to create and share dynamic video content with new hires helping to personalize the onboarding experience. The automation can also invite hiring managers to record a personalised welcome video as part of the onboarding experience.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

iCIMS continues to build out its Talent Cloud platform enabling organisations to attract, engage, hire and advance talent. There are more features within this release than noted above. Customers are urged to check out what is now available.

Those attending the iCIMS INSPIRE global conference on Nov. 17 can hear more about the release and how other organisations are leveraging the platform to make a difference.


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