Asana (credit image/Pexels/Fox)Asana has announced a suite of features and partnerships giving managers the tools to better support their teams with alignment and focus. The company says the new offerings help managers sync individual efforts to company objectives with My Goals.

Automatic Progress Roll-Ups help identify roadblocks in real-time. They will also keep teams engaged in high-impact, strategic work with focus features and new integrations for Google Workspace and Figma.

According to Asana’s Anatomy of Work Index, excessive meetings and unclear priorities are the top culprits crushing productivity and motivation. Individuals waste six working weeks each year on duplicated work and unnecessary meetings. As a result, employees are burnt out and leaders are at a loss on how to keep their teams inspired to continue supporting the work that drives business results.

Alex Hood, Head of Product, Asana (Image credit LinkedIn)
Alex Hood, Head of Product, Asana

“Rapidly emerging challenges are making it harder than ever to keep teams focused on their most impactful initiatives,” said Alex Hood, Chief Product Officer, Asana.

We purpose-built Asana’s Employee Impact Suite for managers to prioritise the engaging work that moves everyone forward. With individual goals that map to company objectives, focus features, and new integrations. We’re minimising work about work and aligning entire organisations.”

Drive alignment with goals

Today, nearly 1 in 3 employees can’t clearly see how their work contributes to larger company goals. This rises to 45% among Gen Z workers. With Goals natively built in, Asana provides a single system for organisations to set objectives. The solution coordinates all the work needed to achieve them.

To help managers macromanage and support their teams by focusing on the big picture of their work, Asana’s new My Goals align individual goals to the organisation’s objectives and mission. Managers can integrate My Goals into reimagined 1:1 project templates for personalised coaching to guide their teams.

Automatic Progress Roll-Ups give real-time insights on important initiatives. They reduce the need for time-consuming status meetings and trust-reducing micromanagement. New Celebrations and Appreciations in Goals give personal recognition for individual and team achievements contributing to organizational goals. No matter how big or small.

Prioritise with Focus Tools

Work about work– the repetitive tasks that take away from meaningful strategy and outcomes – comprises over half of employees’ time. By reducing work about work and focusing on the highest impact tasks, teams are more efficient and, ultimately, more engaged.

With the launch of new mobile and desktop focus features, Asana is delivering a comprehensive set of focus tools to prioritise tasks that drive impact while saving hours of time. Using Asana’s best-in-class mobile app, individuals can set a focus intention on their My Tasks to guide their work and what they want to achieve for the week. With new time management capabilities, they can work in timed ‘focus mode’ on the desktop to pause notifications for uninterrupted work.

Connected with new integrations

Asana is expanding its Asana Partners ecosystem of over 260 essential tools to help managers support their teams with a single platform for collaboration. The company says this saves time and fuels more innovative, creative outcomes.

New features include:

  • An integration with Figma to connect brainstorms in FigJam boards to tasks in Asana.
  • Asana for Google Chat, which converts unstructured conversations or messages into actionable Asana tasks, without leaving Google Chat.
  • A reimagined Google Drive integration will link Google Docs, Sheets and Slides to tasks with file comment notifications in Asana. This will help teams stay in sync as they co-create bigger, bolder ideas.

The impact of software integrations, are key to digital transformation,” said Wayne Kurtzman, Research Director of Social and Collaboration, IDC.

“Integrations deliver better employee experience by creating a single pane of glass with easy access to the applications people need. In addition to developing a new class of metrics that derive from the integrated systems.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

The world of work is changing rapidly. In April, Asana published its latest Anatomy of Work report – ‘Embracing the new age of agility’. It highlights what is happening in the still-changing workplace. Employees and managers need tools to navigate that ever-changing work environment.

Industry research suggests companies that operate with transformational leadership have more engaged employees and are more likely to grow. That means inspiring teams to drive impact and collaboration rather than simply meet output quotas.

Asana’s new partner integrations is expected to improve cross-team collaboration to unlock innovation and creativity. Supercharged Goals reduce status meetings with cross-platform tools for strategic focus on those goals. These are tools every modern-day enterprise needs to operate in today’s competitive environment.


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