Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayKantata gave its first business update since it announced its new brand was announced following the merger of Kimble Applications and Mavenlink. It celebrated the addition of several significant new customers. Enterprise Times also published an interview with Workday’s head of Northern Europe, Michael Douroux. There was also news from Accelo, Asana, Klient, Mavenlink (Kantata OX), Screendragon and Teamwork.


Mandy Anger, VP of Product, Accelo revealed the recent updates from Accelo in a blog. They included the recent updates to left and top navigation features. They added additional columns for new project lists and a redesigned timers widget.

Anger also revealed three forthcoming updates:

  • Salesforce integration updates
  • Hubspot customizable status improvements
  • All new task status board Kanban view


Asana announced its fiscal Q1 2023 performance with record revenues. Revenues were $120.6 million, up 57% year over year. Operating loss grew to 80% of revenues ($96.2 million) and cash flows were negative $41.1 million as the company focused on growth. It ended the quarter with 126,000 paying customers, of whom 979 spent more than $50,000, an increase of 102% year over year.

Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder and chief executive officer of Asana commented: “We reported strong revenue growth in the first quarter and we set a new record for the largest deployment in the company’s history at over 100,000 seats. Our investments in enterprise are paying off.

“We are closing bigger net new customers, our largest customers are expanding at a fast pace and our revenue mix from our Enterprise and Business tier continues to climb. We believe Asana is the easiest to adopt work management platform for companies of all sizes. It aligns teams around goals and the work needed to achieve them, coordinates that work cross-functionally, and gives real-time visibility into progress along the way.”


The PSA vendor announced another graduate from Klient University, the training program it set up for its ecosystem to ensure that they can leverage its solutions.

Mavenlink/Kantata OX

Mavenlink has enhanced the permissions available for projects. A new intuitive interface delivers administrators a simpler way to deliver access control on a project by project basis. Project permissions enable administrators to deliver granular control beyond a user’s access level to allow them additional permissions. Those permissions could include the ability to track expenses, track time, schedule hours for a team, and invite participants to a project.


Hamamatsu, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of light-emitting and sensing components has deployed Screendragons’ marketing operations management solution. It will use Screendragon to streamline marketing processes and integrate marketing operations.


Teamwork has announced it will host a virtual summit on June 22nd. The event, called Bandwidth is free for attendees. It aims to deliver a series of talks aimed at agencies and project managers. The event will be held between 0900-1300 EDT. (1400-1800 BST). The keynote will include a session by Gary John Bishop author of Wise as Fu*k.


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