Galaxy Infinity Image by Luminas Art from Pixabay Eseye has announced its next-generation IoT platform. The Eseye Infinity IoT Platform delivers a future-proof connectivity platform that has the flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of any IoT deployment.

Infinity provides a single pane of glass from which organisations can manage the global connectivity of IoT estates, no matter how complex. The platform can manage legacy SIMs, Eseye AnyNet+ SIMs, and the new generation of iSIM solutions. Network connectivity is another strength of the new platform. Eseye claims to have the largest number of MNO connections enabling access to other IoT platforms, including Jasper, Vodafone GDSP, and Ericsson DCP. It also connects to networks such as Verizon, MTN and Telstra, eliminating costly roaming charges for mobile points of presence.

This has been a challenge for many companies as they have to manage different devices, both legacy and new 5G connected ones. Infinity will deliver the ability to view, analyse and better understand the whole estate. Leveraging AI, it presents insights to improve maintenance and replacements. In turn, this can reduce the total cost of ownership of a deployed estate.

John Gole, Research Director, IoT, IDC, commented: “Eseye provides customers a single platform for easily deploying devices around the world, choosing and switching providers, and implementing policies from a single pane of glass. Eseye claims it can remove complexity from connectivity, while increasing flexibility and delivering better results. It serves enterprises across many verticals and use cases. Past projects have included Amazon’s network of Lockers, Shell Recharge Solutions’ network of electric vehicle chargers and Itron’s smart meters.”

Beyond a technology platform

The Infinity platform appears to be built for the future. According to Dragos, cybercriminals are getting greater access to ICS/OT networks. Infinity is built with security in mind for its ‘device to cloud’ and API connectivity.

Eseye has also considered the contractual complexity of global networks with multiple MNO contracts. Its Bring Your Own Contracts (BYOC) capability, enables customers to import existing contracts onto the platform to help guide business decisions. Further connections are managed within the platform with the Eseye AnyNet Federation providing access to more than 700 networks worldwide.

Nick Earle CEO of Eseye.
Nick Earle
CEO of Eseye

Nick Earle, CEO, Eseye. “We’ve witnessed strong demand from enterprises who need to be better equipped to reduce the complexity of their global IoT deployments. This has been one of the biggest barriers to large-scale project rollouts. Our next gen Infinity Platform simplifies global connectivity on a game-changing scale, elegantly solving the problems of carrier lock-in, connectivity and security in a single solution. The platform is designed to deliver any flavour of IoT connectivity, so customers have total flexibility as the shape and scale of their deployment evolves. We’ve also made sure that we future proof our customer’s investment with a rapid method to integrate other wireless IoT technologies, such as private 5G/LTE and satellite.”

Built on a Software Defined Network, Eseye Infinity provides the flexibility for the future, enabling organisations control over policies and contracts. The platform has eight core elements:

  • IoT device management
  • Connectivity optimisation
  • Bring your own contract
  • Private 5G LTE Networks
  • AnyNet Federation
  • IoT Security
  • Subscription and Service Management
  • Reporting, Analytics and AI

Infinity is available in two core packages. Infinity Flex is targeted at the mid-market, and its starter pack, Flex Foundation, is designed for deployments of 200 devices or more. Infinity Enterprise is aimed at large scale, multi-region deployments of 100,000 devices.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Eseye has enjoyed significant momentum over the last year. The growing number of IoT deployments has led to a need for better management. The needs have often been addressed by point solutions that merely close the stable door after the horse has bolted. With Infinity, Eseye is rebuilding the stable.

It has brought together its stable of components into a coherent whole that it hopes will help to accelerate its growth and position it as an outstanding leader in the sector.


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