Pacvue (Image credit/Pixabay/PhotoMIX-Company)Pacvue, an enterprise-grade marketplace advertising, sales and intelligence platform, has announced its global expansion with a focus on Europe. The expansion includes a partnership with Pacvue will be the first software provider to offer advertising via The new API helps sales partners and vendors scale their eCommerce advertising on the growing European marketplace. The solution makes it possible to automatically create and manage advertising campaigns more effectively. is an eCommerce platform based in the Netherlands and offers general merchandising products in categories such as music, film, electronics, toys, jewellery, watches, baby products, gardening and DIY. The store serves 12 million active customers in the Netherlands and Belgium and offers over 23 million items. Since 2011, has also opened its platform for retailers to sell their products. More than 30,000 retailers have already sold via

The new API links’s advertising systems with third-party specialised software that allows ads to be created and managed. Pacvue, one of the largest eCommerce software providers in the world. The company says its is the first provider of this type of software for advertising via This allows sales partners and suppliers of to advertise even more effectively with on-site ads.

Pacvue advertising platform

The Pacvue advertising platform can automate common campaign management functions, such as rules-based changes to campaigns, keyword research, bid management and more. This makes advertising on more scalable and less manual than before, resulting in great time savings and better performance.

By using Pacvue, advertisers have a single overview of all ongoing marketing campaigns – including those outside In addition, advertisers can use detailed data & insights to optimize their ads with better campaign results.

The announcement comes on the heels of Pacvue’s recent acquisition by eCommerce software and data platform Assembly. It is part of Pacvue’s commitment to grow its global presence through strategic partnerships. In addition to the new partnership, Pacvue is doubling its team size in Europe and the US. The company plans to accommodate the growing demand for its platform, while also making strategic hires including two new directors leading sales in Europe.

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Melissa Burdick)
Melissa Burdick, president of Pacvue

Melissa Burdick, Pacvue’s President says, “eCommerce is growing rapidly in European marketplaces, with the Netherlands at the forefront of innovation. We are thrilled to be the first software provider to offer advertising. This helps both regional and global brands reach new customers and furthering our mission of unified retail media.

Amazon brand advertising booming

Last year Pacvue published a report that indicated advertisers are spending more on Amazon to reach online shoppers. This was despite a modest decrease in return on ad spending (ROAS). In addition, there was little change in ad efficiency metrics such as CPA and CPC.

Pacvue’s 2021 Q1 CPC Report highlighted insights and growth around Amazon Advertising. The report found that Sponsored Product spending increased by 41% and Sponsored Brand spending increased by 89% year-over-year. This represented a 59% increase in average daily spending year-over-year in Q1 on Amazon.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Pacvue is one of those MarTech operators quietly operating in the background but making great strides in the sector. The company provides innovative marketing automation & insight software supported by AI for the eCommerce industry. Moreover, the company has been getting rave reviews from analysts and industry pundits. The company was one of the first to launch retail media platforms with strong relationships in the retail space. Working across Amazon, Walmart, Target, Instacart, and many more. Inevitably, the company would look to global expansion from its North American base. So, it will be interesting to see the direction the company goes, with this first tiptoe into the global market.



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