NIBs (Credit image/Pixabay/unserekleinemaus)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Eight-warehouse campus in West Hallam, England, to handle all retail and eCommerce orders from UK and Ireland.

1,000-person study also uncovers generational differences in chatbot perceptions and satisfaction Simplr research shows. Huobi Wallet, the professional, multi-chain light wallet of the Huobi ecosystem, has clinched an award under the “User Interface” category, as part of the 2022 iF Design Awards.

GXO to Fulfil eCommerce orders for Majestic Wine

GXO Logistics the world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider, announced today that it will handle logistics for the nationwide eCommerce of Majestic Wine, the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer.

As part of its service for Majestic, GXO personalises orders. For example, printing a bespoke holiday message on a decorative card that accompanies the order. Majestic Wine has contracted for 68,000 square feet of dedicated warehouse space in GXO’s eight-building campus in West Hallam, England. This is where GXO processes all the wine retailer’s eCommerce orders from the UK and Ireland.

Majestic expects daily eCommerce orders to increase significantly ahead of the Easter holiday and again around the holiday season in December.

Consumer study reveals key to successful chatbot experiences

A new thousand-person consumer survey released by Simplr suggests that, while Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z have different impressions of customer service chatbots, they can all agree on the fundamental necessity of easy transfers to a live human. According to the report, generated from the results of a survey of 1,000 US adult consumers, 80% become much more willing to use a chatbot if they know they can easily and quickly transfer to a live person.

The study also found that a seamless transfer from bot to human results in 60% of consumers being more likely to continue to do business with the brand in the future. However, when a chatbot fails and there is no option to transfer to a live agent, the impact is disastrous for the business. Such experiences make 60% of consumers less likely to remain a customer.

This study found that chatbot usage has doubled since 2020. 18% of consumers have used a chatbot in the past three months, compared to 9% in 2020. However, 49% of consumers rate their willingness to use a chatbot as “neutral.” In other words, chatbots are becoming more ubiquitous, yet customers are not showing a strong willingness to use them. This reveals a major missed opportunity. Chatbot vendors have clearly prioritized quantity of interactions over quality of experiences.

Prior research has found that when consumers have to wait longer than 47 seconds to have their issue resolved via chat, they will rate the interaction as “poor.” Today’s new study reveals that consumers are willing to wait an average of 13 minutes to be transferred to a human. It indicates that consumers expect a time-consuming, frustrating, and ultimately disappointing experience whenever they enter a live chat.

Huobi Wallet Clinches 2022 iF Design Award for User Interface

Huobi Wallet, the professional, multi-chain light wallet of the Huobi ecosystem, has clinched an award under the “User Interface” category, as part of the 2022 iF Design Awards.

The iF Design Awards are one of the world’s most prestigious design awards. Organised in Germany it dates back to 1953. The iF seal signifies superb design, for both everyday consumers and the design community. An independent jury of international design experts meet to determine award-winning designs every year. The competition is based on a set of objective screening standards. This year, close to 10,800 entries were submitted, with 2,687 entries making it to the final selection round.

Huobi Wallet’s user interface was highly lauded for its function and form. Its one-click function for claiming staking rewards provides users with great convenience as it eliminates the need to obtain rewards from various decentralised apps on multiple chains. Huobi Wallet also included an intuitive NFT display function that shows tokens relevant to users’ needs. Facing competition from leading companies such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung and Sony, the Huobi Wallet team was encouraged by the win.


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