Acquia (Credit image/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)OMRON Corporation’s Electronic and Mechanical Components Business chose Dentsu Digital as its partner for Acquia Open DXP to develop a Drupal-based global website. The site aims to use and strengthens the customer experience by proactively providing information that is tailored to their needs. Dentsu Digital selected Acquia as its partner to provide hosting through Acquia Drupal Cloud. In addition to marketing automation and personalisation solutions from Acquia Marketing Cloud.

“The Electronic and Mechanical Components Business is strengthening digital marketing efforts to keep up with the accelerating pace of digitalisation. As part of this effort, the company has completely renewed its global website,” said Masayoshi Uetsuji, Senior Manager, Electronic and Mechanical Components Business of OMRON. “We chose Acquia’s CMS solution because it is based on Drupal, which is a global standard. The solution meets high security standards and has a proven track record with global companies. In addition, by adopting marketing automation tools and personalization functions at the same time. We provided information tailored to the characteristics and needs of each individual customer and achieve a new customer experience.”

Uetsuji continues, “The renewal of the global website for Electronic and Mechanical Components Business is the core business of OMRON. It was a large project, but we were able to release the renewed website, marketing automation tools and personalisation functions. We are grateful for Dentsu Digital’s technical capabilities and support, as they have a thorough knowledge of Acquia products. We will continue to improve the CX value and update the site so that we can propose products and solutions online that will help solve our customers’ issues to create a new customer value.”

Enhancing global digital presence

Shin Yoshioka, General Manager, Account Innovation Division, Dentsu Digital, said: “In order to enhance the global digital presence of OMRON Electronic and Mechanical Components Business, we proposed and supported the implementation of the latest technology. We will continue to lead the project with the aim of providing value that meets OMRON’s expectations.”

(Image credit/LinkedInDries Buytaert)
Dries Buytaert, co-founder and CTO at Acquia

“As Acquia continues to expand in the Japanese market, OMRON has chosen to use Drupal and Acquia for their website,” said Dries Buytaert, Co-founder and CTO of Acquia. “We’re also pleased that Dentsu Digital’s technical expertise and strong partnership with us has made this major redesign possible. Acquia is glad for OMRON’s business expansion through technology that improves the digital experience by integrating website and marketing solutions.

Key Acquia Open DXP product features

OMRON Electronic and Mechanical Components Business is using the following Acquia Open DXP products to support its refreshed website and customer experience:

Acquia Drupal Cloud: Based on the open-source CMS Drupal, Acquia’s fully managed service CMS solution can be linked to a variety of marketing tools and solutions with API modules and flexible architecture. This, Acquia says, enables faster global deployment of websites.

Acquia Campaign Studio: Acquia’s marketing automation tool, Campaign Studio, is based on open source Mautic. It can be used with Acquia Cloud through API integration. Any new content created in the CMS can be distributed quickly through multiple channels such as emails and social media.

Acquia Campaign Factory: Campaign Factory, bundles multiple marketing automation tools and manages them on a single platform. The solution enables organisations with marketing operations in multiple countries and regions. It executes campaigns while simultaneously achieving central governance and local initiatives.

Acquia Personalisation: Personalisation allows organizations to create segments based on their visitor demographics and preferences. It flexibly displays pages and delivers content to increase website conversions.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

Going global always has its challenges. As websites become more important for B2B companies, providing a superior digital experience become vital. Utilising marketing automation tools and personalisation functions should improve the engagement level of the brand. In addition, it will enhance Omron’s ability to nurture longer-term relationships with key customers. Enterprises like Omron are more focused than ever on creating custom digital experiences for customers, suppliers and partners. To achieve this, they must be able to assemble sets of packaged business capabilities into new digital experiences quickly.


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