(credit image/Pixabay/ athree23 )Pixafy has launched its erpCommerce for NetSuite solution. erpCommerce enables organisations using NetSuite to integrate with Adobe Commerce, supported by Magento to launch a fully ERP-integrated transactional website within 60 days. Pixafy is an Adobe Solution Partner specialising in ERP and eCommerce.

The erpCommerce for NetSuite solution combines an enterprise-level Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with eCommerce from Adobe Commerce. In addition to Boomi’s cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS). The solution allows merchants and partners throughout the NetSuite and Adobe commerce ecosystems to fast-track B2B and B2C eCommerce implementations. The solution offers a prebuilt, yet fully customisable and extendable integration platform. The erpCommerce for NetSuite solution gives customers the ability to rapidly address immediate needs. Pixafy says it provides the flexibility to scale to meet future demands.

Made for ERP users by ERP specialists

erpCommerce for NetSuite is part of Pixafy’s strategic deployment of quick-to-market tools. (“Zero to Integrated eCommerce in 60 Days”.) Tools that allow customers to integrate with the broadest range of platforms. This approach began with its successful roll-out of erpCommerce for Sage X3 ERP in 2020. As opposed to other eCommerce integration tools built for NetSuite, erpCommerce seamlessly integrates with other systems (CRM, OMS, etc.) It offers customers more affordable and far greater customisation and functionality.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Adam Goldschmiedt)
Adam Goldschmiedt, Practice Director at Pixafy

“erpCommerce for NetSuite is the next step in our plan to provide merchants with the best of both worlds. A robust and flexible B2B and B2C eCommerce solution that can be quickly deployed to meet today’s needs. With the scalability and customisation to support future business needs as they arise,” said Adam Goldschmiedt, Practice Director at Pixafy. “All our solutions are based on a ‘forever platform methodology,’ which we’re able to provide. As a result of working with all the major players, which allows us to deliver custom-built solutions. These solutions provide tremendous value to the channel.”

erpCommerce for NetSuite at-a-glance

  • Adobe Commerce supported by Magento, with deep application and partner ecosystem to allow for extensibility, flexibility, and scalability.
  • Boomi iPaaS Solution. Boomi allows extension of integrations to other software and tools in addition to NetSuite ERP (CRM, OMS, etc.) With pre-built connectors for dozens of other solutions.
  • Extendable & Flexible. Merchants are not locked into proprietary “point” integration solutions; ability to develop and enhance on top of existing code base.
  • Made for ERP users by ERP specialists. With access to subject matter expertise Net at Work, erpCommerce solution was created with NetSuite ERP as the core value-add. Unlike other integrations built by web developers.
  • A Focus on B2B. Pixafy’s erpCommerce solution extends the rich B2B functionality of Adobe Commerce. The solution offers a “single point of truth” to run online businesses and workflows.

Pixafy strengthens their position as a critical partner for rapid and scalable ERP integrations. We look forward to their success with Adobe Commerce erpCommerce for NetSuite and Adobe,” says Outi Greve, Adobe’s Senior Director, Partner Sales.

Davis Tavolaro, Vice President, Global Business at Boomi, “Pixafy continues to be a valued Boomi partner. Giving customers a standardised tool that fast-tracks outstanding integrations and business outcomes. erpCommerce for NetSuite is another welcome addition from the Pixafy team. Enabling partners in our ecosystem to help customers optimise critical business processes. While giving them the needed agility to succeed in today’s ever-changing business landscape.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

Needless to say, eCommerce is forever changing rapidly. Having the ability to respond to those changes will be vital for any brand, online merchant or retailer. Pixafy say they have developed a solution that will enable the rapid developments of ecommerce sites. Giving merchants the ability to go live with a fully transactional and ERP integrated website in 60 days or less. This should not be taken lightly. Particularly since Pixafy is an Adobe Commerce partner specialising in ERP & eCommerce integration.

Magento may no longer be one of the leading eCommerce platforms, but it is still an impressive piece of kit. Furthermore, it still remains the eCommerce infrastructure of many leading brands and retailers around the world. Enterprise Times looks forward to reviewing future case studies of brands implementing B2B and B2C transactional sites within 60 days. This is a major claim to make. And hopefully Pixafy will be able to back it up.


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