Blockchain Catch-upThis is Charles Brett’s start-of-the-week Enterprise Times ‘blockchain catch-up’ Week 30. Necessarily it is idiosyncratic and selective.

It is not intended to be comprehensive but does seek to highlight ‘Quick Takes’ on specific developments as well interesting pieces to read, a listing of some (not all) announcements/press releases and pointers to upcoming events.

Quick Takes – Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up Week 30

The truth behind Bitcoin’s opposition

What do Saddam Hussein and Bitcoin have in common? According to the US Government, they both have ties to terrorism. Alternatively, both threaten the US Dollar and its global hegemony.

Quick Take: this, very-pro Bitcoin defence says it will “peel back the layers of inflationary monetary policy to be able to answer three questions:

  • why does the Federal Reserve target inflation?
  • what do the military and counter-terrorism have to do with protecting the inflation narrative?
  • how come bitcoin sees such strong opposition from certain individuals within the government?”

Decide what you will. It does make for an interesting read…

7 pieces to read – Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up Week 30

Selected announcements/press releases/opinions – Charles Brett’s Blockchain Catch-up Week 30

  • Why energy concerns around blockchain may be a misconception (opinion)
  • Elrond (EGLD) overview: sharding internet-scale blockchain (opinion)
  • US government delves deeper into crypto accountability with $10M bounty (opinion)
  • SEC Commissioner concerned about the US lagging behind global Bitcoin ETFs (opinion)
  • Africa’s leading blockchain infrastructure seeks to spearhead the tokenization of the rich natural resources of the continent (announcement)
  • AI Startup KaJ Labs set to launch blockchain rival to Ethereum (announcement)
  • Mastercard launches new Start Path cryptocurrency and blockchain program for startups (announcement).

Selected upcoming events


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