(credit image/Pixabay/ Caroline Hummels)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Namogoo buys Remarkety providing retailing customers with highly intelligent, personalised email and SMS campaigns to engage online shoppers. Salesforce sponsor’s COP26 of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). Conversational AI firm DRUID has formed a new partnership with technology consultancy, Velocity IT. DeliverEnd partners with Perfit to enable a full contactless commerce and delivery solution. Celerant Technology has announced a new integration with Emery Distributors, a wholesaler business. Turn Up The Heat has integrated Brightpearl and Shopify as the brand looks to reimagine its online strategy and reach more BBQ enthusiasts.

Namogoo acquires Remarkety, expanding its digital journey continuity platform

Namogoo, the Digital Journey Continuity Platform, has acquired Remarkety, a provider of data-driven marketing automation solutions. This is Namogoo’s second strategic M&A following the acquisition of Personali in early 2020.

The acquisition of Remarkety, an eCommerce marketing automation company serving over 500 global brands, will enable Namogoo to provide complete Digital Journey Continuity by engaging customers with hyper-personalised multichannel experiences both on and off-site. The acquisition will also allow Namogoo to break into the SMB market in which Remarkety is well-established. This further supports the company’s strategy of serving brands of all sizes.

Namogoo empowers retailers to shape the Digital Customer Journey for each and every shopper by determining their intent in real-time, delivering the right individualized experience to get them to purchase – while ensuring distractions disappear. Namogoo will now add hyper-targeted SMS and email campaigns to its solution, propelling customers to action.

Salesforce sponsors COP26 – Climate Change conference

Salesforce has become a partner sponsor of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). The conference will take place November 1-12 in Glasgow, Scotland. It is expected to be the most significant global climate event since the 2015 Paris Agreement.
“We are delighted to welcome Salesforce to the COP26 family as a Partner for the UN climate conference taking place in Glasgow in November. Their support for the four goals of the UK’s Presidency of COP26, long-standing climate advocacy, and commitment to net zero is helping to accelerate the global transition to a net-zero future and provide an example to others,” said the Right Honourable Alok Sharma MP, President of COP26.

COP26 takes place during a critical time with the planet is in the throes of climate change. It is more crucial than ever to bring together governments, businesses, and community leaders to increase action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

“All stakeholders have a role to play in building a sustainable future because the climate crisis demands action from every angle,” said Zahra Bahrololoumi, CEO, Salesforce UK & Ireland. “Salesforce is a net-zero operations company and this year we will reach 100% renewable energy. Alone, that is not enough. That’s why we are committed to using our voice to drive policy change and remain excited to mobilize climate action across the Salesforce ecosystem — whether by enabling our customers to achieve their sustainability goals or encouraging others to join us on the journey to a low-carbon future. The time is now.”

DRUID and Velocity partner to develop conversational AI

Conversational AI firm DRUID has formed a new partnership with technology consultancy, Velocity IT to help existing and prospective clients get the most out of their artificial intelligence technology. Conversational AI is the set of technologies that allows machines to use messaging and speech to offer one-on-one human-like interactions and is used in automated messaging and speech-enabled applications.

A growing number of organisations are looking to streamline their customer services departments and deploy conversational AI in the process. The market for this strategy is growing in popularity, with revenue expected to reach $18 billion by 2021.

Velocity believes that conversational AI success hinges on a combination of technical prowess and business optimisation expertise. They offer extensive capabilities in both these areas. They allow for strategic alignment of automation approaches that fit with enterprise goals.

As a process automation consultancy, they focus on client business needs first. They then select the most suitable technologies and deliver these in an agile, collaborative way that accelerates time to value.

The partnership between Velocity and specialist AI tech firm DRUID will help Velocity to provide better business automation services. The platform boasts an easy integration capability with supported backend systems. DRUID extends across 45 languages with over 500 pre-programmed conversational skills.

Because clients’ needs change, DRUID and Velocity will work together to develop AI solutions that can quickly adapt and respond. They also want to create more opportunities to provide long-term value for their clients.

DeliverEnd partners with Perfit to enable a full contactless commerce

DeliverEnd, the company that provides robust last-mile logistics services, and Perfit, the company making contactless retail shopping easy have formed a partnership. The venture aims to bring an end-to-end solution for retailers and malls to offer contactless shopping and same-day delivery services.

Perfit’s solution enables a full suite of retail options including multi-store bundling, consolidation of items, and safe payments. Customers can find items online, reserve the items from multiple stores. They can then have them delivered safely right to their door the very same day using DeliverEnd’s Last-Mile Delivery solutions and driver networks. Perfit also enables powerful store inventory management through flexible and powerful API’s.

Celerant Technology integrates POS technology with Emery Distributors

Celerant Technology has announced a new integration with Emery Distributors, a family-owned, hobby and train wholesaler. Through Celerant’s point of sale software, hobby shop retailers can access Emery Distributors’ product catalogue, import products. The platform automatically order inventory for their brick-and-mortar store locations, based on min/max levels.

Through Celerant’s integration with Emery Distributors, hobby shops can build their point of sale (POS) database with a wide-range of hobby products. Dealers can access Emery’s catalogue from the point of sale, and import the products they want to carry in-store without having to manually enter data.

With an easy-to-use mobile point of sale system, dealers can also manage their store, and assist customers from anywhere, including trade shows, sidewalk sales and curbside. From the POS screen, dealers can look up prices, process sales transactions, accept returns, put sales on hold, offer gift receipts and loyalty rewards, create special orders, and more; Celerant’s ‘Always On’ POS for Cumulus Retail ensures dealers can access all these functions even if internet is down.

Celerant’s inventory management module enables dealers to monitor performance and maintain accurate stock levels. To order products, dealers can easily create and send purchase orders to Emery Distributors, electronically. For items with high-turnover, purchase orders can be automated based on minimum/maximum stock levels, allowing dealers to keep their shelves stocked with the right amount of inventory.

BBQ superstore turns up the heat on its eCommerce strategy with Brightpearl and Shopify

Turn Up The Heat has integrated Brightpearl and Shopify as the brand looks to reimagine its online strategy and reach more BBQ enthusiasts than ever before.

The company needed a system in place that could deal with the demand and expectations of selling via online channels, including its newly revamped website. The BBQ company has now combined the functionality of Brightpearl and Shopify Plus. The eCommerce store provides the brand with the ability to sell and market the company’s business online with ease. Brightpearl will provide a single source of truth for order processing and inventory management. Brightpearl will also address the issues the firm was having around accounting and barcode scanning.

Turn Up The Heat can now access the unified, all-in-one retail operations platform, coupled with open-source API, real-time reporting and best in class integrations.

The Brightpearl platform provides total visibility and control over stock levels, order management, fulfilment and financials. In addition to a streamlined warehouse management system. To complete the digital transformation, the firm’s online store has been built on Shopify Plus’ flexible eCommerce platform. This ensures more customers than ever can get their grill on. With Brightpearl’s full suite of retail features supporting its entire eCommerce operation, the company will eliminate labourious and time-consuming manual processes. Turn Up The Heat gains the freedom and flexibility to concentrate on accelerating its online growth.


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