(Image credit/Pexels/ Savvas Stavrinos)BDS Marketing (BDS) and Creative Channel Services (CCS) have combined to form BDS Connected Solutions. The new company says its the industry’s most progressive, sales-powered channel solutions provider.

Industry analysts suggest digital transformation increasingly shapes the new generation of products and services for consumers and businesses. The combined company will deliver connected commerce experiences across all consumer touchpoints. Allowing brands to connect with buyers anywhere, anytime, and on any device – in-store and online.

Spreading brand enthusiasm

BDS creates fully integrated, multichannel shopping experiences. The company says their solutions spread brand enthusiasm, simplify the sale and influence every step in the buyer’s journey. CCS is a company developing strategic sales and marketing solutions. The company says its heritage in first-to-market innovations that successfully connect brands with shoppers. By leveraging that collective experience, BDS Connected Solutions will immediately provide a more innovative, adaptable, and powerful suite of solutions.

BDS and CCS have enjoyed a collaborative relationship for two decades, partnering client strategies and programme executions across their portfolios. Their combined workforce of 7,000+ people services thousands of top-tier retailers and leading global brands. As one unified organisation, BDS Connected Solutions expects to significantly expand its scale of operations. At the same time maintain a strong commitment to client service, high-quality solutions and industry-leading results.

A transformative partnership

Andy Restivo, Founder & CEO of CCS, and Ken Kress, CEO of BDS, will serve Co-CEOs of BDS Connected Solutions. Sean Ludick will serve as President over the newly combined leadership team. According to Kress, “Both of our established organisations have been on a mission to diversify. We also wanted to expand our capabilities to even better deliver on the needs of our clients.”

Our partners have already shared their enthusiastic support for the mutual BDS and CCS vision to create even greater results. This will be achieved by delivering strategic solutions now and into the future.”

The experienced senior team at BDS Connected Solutions reflects our combined strengths and shared mission. To inspire buyers through experiences and influence every step in the rapidly evolving digital purchase journey,” said Restivo. “We view this transformative partnership as a unique coming together of two culturally aligned, diverse, highly successful, and respected companies. To create a first-of-its-kind market leader that accelerates our partners’ brand performance and create growth opportunities for our team members.

“On their own, BDS and CCS were already two powerhouse brands in the retail marketing and sales solutions industry,” said Mike Sunderland, CEO of BDS Solutions Group. The parent company of BDS Connected Solutions and Apollo Retail Specialists. “Together as one, BDS Connected Solutions is on a fast-track to becoming the industry’s foremost people-first, digital-led, customer-obsessed organisation.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

As one unified organization, BDS Connected Solutions is expected to significantly expand its scale of operations. Hopefully, this will not be at the cost to its commitment to client service. Both BDS and CCS have an impressive breadth of clients, ranging from private to public sector organisations and across sectors. CCS works with online merchants to improve their retail experiences. Developing strategies that creates emotional connections between a shopper and a brand. This inevitably made them attractive to BDS. The marketplace is full of vendors proclaiming high-quality solutions, and industry-leading results. It will be worth keeping tabs on the results of this partnership and the fruits of this collective labour – BDS Connected Solutions.


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