Entersekt adds NuData's behavioural analytics to its platform (Image Credit: Campaign Creators on Unsplash)Entersekt is partnering with NuData Security to add NuData’s behavioural analytics solution to its platform. It will allow Entersekt customers to use device and behavioural data to verify legitimate users. It can also be combined with other technologies to increase the level of security required to access systems.

Dewald Nolte, chief strategy officer at Entersekt (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Dewald Nolte, chief strategy officer at Entersekt

Dewald Nolte, chief strategy officer at Entersekt, said: “NuDetect complements Entersekt’s strong device ID with an inherent factor to seamlessly tie the human to the device and brings a new dimension to our regulatory compliant strong authentication suite.

“By combining our leading technologies, we unlock new ways to remove friction for users interacting online, on web or mobile. The combination is like none other on the market, in usability and security, and is another exciting leap forward in our mission to make the digital world safer and more user-friendly.”

The demand for multi-factor security

One of the impacts of the current pandemic has been a significant surge in online shopping, banking and payments. It has created a heightened risk of fraud for retailers and the financial services industry. With many businesses going online for the first time in order to survive, criminals see an opportunity to take advantage.

Michelle Hafner, senior vice president, NuData Security (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Michelle Hafner, senior vice president, NuData Security

Commenting on increased fraud during the pandemic, Michelle Hafner, senior vice president, NuData Security said: “Our analysts saw a 500% increase in account creation fraud alone during this period, reinforcing the need to leverage state-of-the-art technologies that differentiate between valid users and bad actors.”

One of the advantages of using device data, behavioural analytics and passive biometrics to identify a user, is that they are hard to copy. Devices provide a large amount of data such as a unique identifier, network details, operating system and device type. The way users interact with their device, and the service provides those additional levels of verification.

By integrating this into its existing platform, Entersekt believes it can make verification a seamless process for users. It’s a bold statement. There are few very secure environments where verification is truly secure and seamless to the end-user.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Making user verification seamless and secure is no easy challenge. If it is too hard, you risk misidentifying customers, frustrating them and potentially losing them. Too easy and criminals will game the system and increase fraud.

Entersekt has a range of secondary technologies that it currently uses with its platform. These are designed to increase security without increasing user interaction. By adding NuData’s NuDetect to its platform, Entersekt is making it easier to verify a user without adding additional interaction.

This is a smart move and one that will be welcomed by its customers and their users.


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