Copado Rocket launch acceleration Image credit pixabay/wikiimagesCopado has launched the Copado DevOps Talent Center. This new initiative was created in partnership with Salesforce recruitment firm Mason Frank International and Salesforce talent creators Revolent, both part of Tenth Revolution Group. The Copado DevOps Talent Center is a website that provides access to training resources and also access to both hire and find roles for Salesforce DevOps positions.

Applicants can apply to join the Copado Academy. It has courses for interested people to become certified on Salesforce DevOps. There is also access to existing DevOps Salesforce Trailhead Modules. The initiative intends to help close the skills gap within the Salesforce ecosystem that exists for DevOps resources. In turn, companies will find that with DevOps certified staff, they are better able to complete projects successfully.

James Lloyd-Townshend, Chairman and CEO of Mason Frank, commented: “We’re delighted to have partnered with the Copado DevOps Talent Center. DevOps is one of the fastest-growing areas of demand for Salesforce professionals and finding skilled workers who can add genuine value to organizations is becoming increasingly difficult for them. This partnership will allow us to connect more businesses with the world-leading talent that we have access to.”

Growing skills gap

Both Copado and Revolent are intent on filling the skills gap that currently exists and shows little sign of shrinking. Recent Salesforce results, with another growth spurt, indicates that the shortage will continue for some time. In its last annual Salesforce Economic Impact report, IDC estimated that 4.2 million new Salesforce jobs would be created by 2024. DevOps is one of the emerging technologies where IDC sees a 30% shortfall in skills to fill jobs by 2022.

As Salesforce gains a bigger market share and companies adopt the solution in more complex scenarios, the requirement for DevOps increases. This partnership aims to close that gap, delivering training to a wider pool of candidates.

Nabila Salem, President at Revolent, commented: “This is an incredibly exciting partnership for us to become involved with. We’ve already been able to inject the Salesforce ecosystem with a diverse range of net new talent. Our partnership with the Copado DevOps Talent Center enables us to deliver our world-leading training with a focus on an area that the platform really needs.”

More certifications and courses

With the creation of the DevOps Talent Center, the Copado Academy has added three new certifications:

  • DevOps Consultants
  • Advanced Consultant
  • Architects

These new levels of certifications will aim to ensure that Trailblazers are better qualified and better trained to deal with larger projects on the Salesforce platform. Copado has created two new trailhead modules, and claims they are the first created by an ISV.

  • Salesforce DevOps with Copado: This 50-minute trailhead consists of five units. They show how applying DevOps to Salesforce projects can help organisations deliver innovation faster.
  • Continuous Innovation with Copado: Another 50-minute module aims to show how to gather feedback, build a generative culture, and optimize the development process.
Sanjay Gidwani, Chief Operating Officer at Copado
Sanjay Gidwani, Chief Operating Officer at Copado

Sanjay Gidwani, Chief Operating Officer at Copado, commented: “As companies pivot to virtual workforces and accelerate their digital transformation strategies, Copado is providing the training, certification and now the staffing needed to close the DevOps skills gap. Businesses need the right talent and the right skills to achieve rapid delivery and rapid ROI in their Salesforce investments. Partnering with Mason Frank and Revolent is the natural next step to help Copado-certified DevOps professionals find their dream job.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Partnering with Revolent and Mason Frank International will help Copado meet its target of training and certifying 10,000 people on its Salesforce DevOps certification programs. The combination of training, certification and jobs through Mason Frank International is a win-win situation for both companies.

For job-seekers, the partnership with Revolent also makes sense. With people likely to be looking for new careers as job losses mount due to COVID-19, the combination of training, and a probable job at the end of that training is attractive. For companies looking to invest in Salesforce access to trained Salesforce staff, especially on DevOps, is growing in importance. While this is just a website that draws together the different improving capabilities of training, certifications and jobs. The combination is more powerful than the component parts.

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Solving the problems of separate admins and developer teams around Salesforce DevOps.


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