Safety Media launches COVID-19 Health & Safety solution (Image Credit: Brusk Dede on Unsplash)Safety Media, part of the Access Group, has launched its Organisational Resilience Solution. It aims to help organisations safely get employees back to work. While many organisations already have extensive Health & Safety processes, they are going to require updating to deal with COVID-19.

Organisations will also have to review their training. First aid has seen some changes to minimise skin to skin contact. Employers who want staff to work from home will also have to consider how they can protect employees both physically and mentally.

On top of all of this, there is a need to overhaul compliance training, especially where track and trace is concerned. While employers will have significant information on their own staff, they are limited in what they can ask of visitors. They will also need to put in place new privacy controls in line with guidance from the ICO. They will also need to carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

Chris Chappell, general manager at Safety Media (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Chris Chappell, general manager at Safety Media

Chris Chappell, general manager at Safety Media said: “As organisations return to work, so safety, risk and compliance have come under a super-intense spotlight.

“Coupled with the increased burden of training, remote working and heightened risk profiles, Covid-19 has placed huge pressure on those responsible for both workforce safety and organisational continuity, hence many have already welcomed trials of the Organisational Resilience Solution to help them meet the challenge.”

What is the Safety Media Organisational Resilience Solution?

The Safety Media ORS is a cloud-based toolkit designed to help organisations meet all their obligations. This includes all the documents that they must publicly display to staff and visitors.

It consists of a set of processes, reporting tools and workflows to carry out risk-assessments. It includes online learning materials to help employees know what is now expected of them. What is not clear is how up-to-date those materials are. There is no information on changes to advice around first aid or privacy. Both of these are essential.

One of the features of the toolkit is the real-time risk-status report and immediate alerts to COVID symptom notifiers. What is not clear is how integrated it is with the government track and trace mechanism. What should happen is that as soon as a notification is made, a company sends out its own notifications. It then immediately passes the data of all those impacted to the NHS so that NHS Tracing can contact individuals.

From an insurance perspective, the toolkit also audits how an organisation is performing. This will enable it to assure all stakeholders that it is meeting its legal obligations. What is not clear is if that also includes the ability to respond to Subject Access Requests over the data gathered as part of track and trace.

Enterprise Times: What does the mean?

Providing training, processes, controls and audits as part of a comprehensive toolkit to help organisations get employees back to work is a good step. Making it a cloud-based solution that allows remote workers at home to also access the information is smart. The only question here is how comprehensive that advice and training is.

There is little information on the Safety Media website. The only way to find out more is to schedule a demonstration as part of a sales pitch. It’s not a great way to sell a product or gather interest in it. From what information is available there are gaps such as COVID related first aid training. There is also no detail on handling track and trace data or health and safety for remote workers at home.


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