IntellectEUIntellectEU has made generally available its Catalyst Blockchain Platform. It is a solution that enables the creation, management and upkeep of blockchain networks and smart contracts. According to IntellectEU, this applies to any cloud, on-premises or hybrid infrastructure.

Thomas Bohner, VP of Blockchain Solutions, IntellectEU
Thomas Bohner, VP of Blockchain Solutions, IntellectEU

Blockchain networks are difficult to deploy, monitor, and maintain, while blockchain developers with the required deep domain expertise are expensive and difficult to find,” said IntellectEU VP of Blockchain Solutions Thomas Bohner.

We channelled IntellectEU’s years of expertise, delivering more than 25 blockchain projects for highly-regulated industries around the globe, to create a user-friendly platform with an automated set-up that makes it simple, fast, and inexpensive for enterprises to harness the benefits of blockchain technology.”

Catalyst Blockchain Platform –  a 10 organisation network in 10 minutes

Although blockchain technology can provide benefits – for example, decentralisation, transparency, immutability, efficiency and security – it has yet to achieve widespread adoption. This is often because of the difficulty, cost, and time associated with creating and managing enterprise-grade blockchain applications.

Catalyst Blockchain Platform seeks to break through these barriers to adoption by enabling businesses to focus on their business opportunities by eliminating the complexity of blockchain. As a measure of this, the Catalyst Blockchain Platform aims to provide the ability to create a 10 organisation network in under 10 minutes.

The Platform supports different protocols and smart languages

The Platform works with different protocols and smart contract languages. These include:

For the initial release, Hyperledger Fabric is the first supported protocol, thereby enhancing its modular architecture, scalability, privacy features and facilitating of peer and chaincode management. Additionally, this includes a decentralised ordering service with Raft protocol which allows each business to participate in ordering service, monitoring, and voting systems.

The IntellectEU engineering team has also integrated DAML into the platform. This unlocks the value of their ledger-agnostic smart contract language.

Catalyst Blockchain Platform is built to run on any cloud or on-premises using Kubernetes to launch, monitor, and keep nodes up and running. Additionally, the platform provides the following unique benefits:

  • full decentralisation – each participant hosts nodes which are part of the whole consensus network
  • the ability to manage channels through the voting system
  • customisation of Hyperledger Fabric node properties
  • an integrated monitoring dashboard
  • secure storage for managing digital identities
  • flexible and highly-qualified support service
  • integration of the DAML smart contract language.
Brian Behlendorf
Brian Behlendorf

IntellectEU has played an important role in the evolution and advancement of distributed systems and blockchain technologies as a trusted systems integrator and founding member of the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project,” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger.

With their proven domain expertise, I expect a lot of market attention around the Catalyst Blockchain Platform as enterprises look for a more accessible way to solve business problems using blockchain technology.

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

The Catalyst Blockchain Platform seeks to provide large enterprises with flexible terms and optional white-label solutions with competitive pricing. In parallel, it offers bespoke packages for smaller teams and developers. According to IntellectEU, its Platform is already in use in financial institutions. It is expanding to insurance, telecommunications, healthcare and logistics.

As a decentralised cloud-agnostic platform, the Catalyst Blockchain Platform should speed up the ability to create, manage and maintain blockchain networks and smart contracts. If the ability to create a 10 organisation network in under 10 minutes is true, this will save time and money.


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