Health n GoTIXnGO, a mobile blockchain ticketing platform, has launched ‘Health n Go’. This offers a secure health certificate mobile delivery solution.

Frédéric Longatte, CEO of TIX n GO and Health n Go, said: “In light of the coronavirus crisis, we can see a potential role for the secure delivery of personal digital assets such as a health certificate. It isn’t for us to define the precise use of this technology, that is a decision to be taken by governments. But as new scientific evidence comes to light and response strategies evolve, we are ready to work with governments and corporations to apply this technology, when they deem the time is right.

Frédéric Longatte
Frédéric Longatte

Repurposing TIXnGO’s existing blockchain platform

TIXnGO has some track record with its blockchain platform used to distribute tickets for major sporting events run by both global and European sports organisations. This has included football tickets on behalf of UEFA.

By repurposing its TIXnGO blockchain-based technology, Health n Go can distribute secure health certificates:

  • at scale
  • in line with government and corporate needs.

As such it can provide a part of a strategy to ease the exit from Covid-19 lockdowns.

Health n Go

Health n Go is a blockchain mobile application. It seeks to provide secure management of digital health certificates.

TIXnGO designed Health n Go to deliver such digital health certificates issued by a trusted authority such as a doctor or health organisation. Each time one of these issues a health certificate, a unique, encrypted and completely traceable identity is attached.

Individuals keep their health certificates within a specific wallet on their smartphone. If requested they can then show their certificate which is accessible via a QR code read by a scanner.

By using artificial intelligence combined with blockchain technology, the Health n Go approach seeks to prevent certificate fraud:

  • duplicating or counterfeiting the certificate occurs through the unique identity of each certificate
  • monitoring detects patterns of attempted fraud (which can lead to the revocation of a certificate, if so required).

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

Introducing Covid-19 lockdowns was (comparatively) easy. Exiting from lockdowns is proving a much tougher headache for governments.

In theory an approach like Health n Go has attractions. Installed on the mobile phones that are now in common use, straightforward certificate accessibility via QR scanners opens up relatively low cost avenues for governments. That it is possible to host the approach on a national private or public cloud and that it is GDPR compliant (to satisfy health data privacy requirements) adds to the attraction to TIXnGO’s Health n Go. Indeed, according to TIXnGO:

  • several pilots of Health n Go are beginning with Swiss international companies and civil and military organisations
  • the company is in discussions about running further pilots with other interested parties.

All well and good: the one unknown, at least for the moment, is what to certify. Immunity to Covid-19 remains unproven – in which case, what is Health n Go certifying?


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