Cloud Steps Image by talha khalil from Pixabay Andrew Dalziel VP industry and solution strategy recently talked to Enterprise Times about how manufacturers should approach moving to the cloud. He says that manufacturers are no longer asking what, why, how questions.What are they buying? The business case determines the why. How is how will they do it. He argues that today buyers are more informed they start with asking how are things going to be delivered. The why and the what follow after.

Andrew Dalziel, Infor VP of industry and solution strategy
Andrew Dalziel, Infor VP of industry and solution strategy

Moving to the cloud is not always an easy task and Dalziel talks about the challenges that organisations face as well barriers. Security is no longer a barrier. In fact security is often a catalyst. As Dalziel commented: “They know that data is more secure than on premise.

Dalziel shares some of the benefits for manufacturers that complete a migration. Though complete is perhaps not the best word as SaaS solutions enable continuous innovation. Cloud software vendors regularly update their software. This does not mean that Manufacturers need to constantly re-implement. Dalziel noted that “Companies can adopt innovation at their own pace.

He also talks about how embracing the cloud enables manufacturers to adopt new business models, such as servitisation, but it is not the best approach for everyone. Dalziel noted that: “it opens the door for digital transformation”. The struggle for many manufacturers still struggling with on-premises software and hardware is that they find it much harder to change.

Dalziels argues that “cloud is much more than a deployment method.” There are pertinent questions to ask and he shares the steps that companies should consider taking.

To hear what else Dalziel has to say, listen to the podcast.

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