Radiologex is partnering with Trusona for an all-inclusive software solution for medical doctors, healthcare professionals and healthcare companies. Radiologex (or RDEE) offers a one-stop software ecosystem aimed specifically at the healthcare industry. It uses blockchain technology – for high levels of security. Trusona offers password-less authentication.

The recent appearance of novel coronavirus, and the very real possibility of a pandemic, is illuminating the need for a one-stop instant communications platform dedicated for the healthcare industry that is also equipped with a full suite of relevant services and productivity-enhancing tools, allowing healthcare professionals to carry out various tasks in the most efficient manner when timing is critical. Yet in providing such services, Radiologex does not want to sacrifice security. Secure and safe transmission of information will always remain a top priority for Radiologex,” said John-Kiyo Smith, CEO, Radiologex. “Trusona is the only company anywhere in the world that can provide technological solutions that meet our strict standards for security. We are confident our partnership will foster trust and peace of mind among Radiologex customers and is a natural fit with our game-changing platform.

John K Smith
John K Smith

The issue

The healthcare industry is vulnerable to both security breaches and transactional bottlenecks. These negatively affect patient care, including critical care logistics.

A second pain-point is price-gouging of prized medical goods, services and products essential to containment. There is a patient care, as well as a provider, need to subdue this, preferably with access to:

  • a competitive marketplace with on-demand modules
  • provide real-time global-verified product and vendor authenticity
  • immediate and borderless transactions which can deliver goods and services to where they need to be with efficiency and swiftness
  • all with security, including secure access.
George Tyler
George Tyler

As Radiologex co-founder George Tyler describes: “I headed a study with our team to uncover the primary pain-points experienced by the healthcare industry associated with the SARS epidemic of 2002, which is a scaled-down version of what we are currently experiencing with this COVID-19 event. The primary pain-point we discovered was the unavailability of a streamlined and dedicated communications platform among healthcare providers, which substantially hindered their ability to determine optimal courses of action in a time-efficient manner. There was a dearth of communication amongst healthcare providers, large and small, including all levels of government, that was highly uncoordinated, leading to misinformation and contradictory information being disseminated to the public.

The Radiologex contribution

Radiologex has a ‘Web 3.0’ solution encompassing:

  • productivity tools
  • clinical information systems
  • medical imaging processing and storage
  • payment settlement along with lending/finance
  • medical supplies, devices and equipment sales (and repair services)
  • content on demand
  • a dedicated online community.

The Radiologex team comprises experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds including:

  • medical physicians
  • healthcare service providers (e.g., radiology)
  • information systems and software developers
  • blockchain and distributed ledger technology expertise.

Radiologex provides, therefore, a real-time productivity, collaboration and information resource. This is available via portable device-based app or via the web. Its advanced user-authentication technology and built-in KYC (Know Your Customer) includes a state-of-the-art username-less and password-less authentication option developed by Trusona – which Radiologex views as being a leader in a field which embraces large financial services and healthcare companies as clients.

Compromised credentials are responsible for over 80 percent of breaches. Trusona’s mission is to thwart cybercrime by eliminating static credentials from the user experience,” said Ori Eisen, founder and CEO, Trusona. “Radiologex has set the bar high for security within its product and we integrated our stringent cutting-edge safeguards into their software engine for them.”

Ori Eisen
Ori Eisen

The Trusona contribution

The never-ending succession of data breaches over the last decade shows that usernames and passwords — originating back in the 1960s — are not sufficiently secure. According to a 2019 Verizon Breach Investigations Report, compromised credentials are responsible for over 80% of all breaches.

Despite attempts to make static credentials more secure – by adopting two-factor authentication (2FA) utilizing OTPs, SMS or hardware tokens – such added layers continue to leave enterprises and organisations vulnerable to keylogging, phishing and more.

Trusona offers a solution which removes the past reliance on usernames and passwords. In its view passwordless authentication enhances security by:

  • reducing the attack surface
  • eliminating (almost) the risk of compromised credentials.
Trusona solution

In this context, passwordless means being able to verify a user’s identity without:

  • usernames
  • OTPs
  • SMS
  • typing of any kind.

Trusona’s next generation authentication leverages the ubiquity of mobile devices and their built-in biometric sensors and security hardware. By removing usernames and passwords from the user experience, enterprises can:

  • obtain an enhanced level of security
  • make authentication faster and simpler for end users.

As Mr Tyler puts it: “RDEE’s messenger module solves for this by offering the only available real-time, dual end encrypted, user KYC’d solution for the entire healthcare industry and even governments, with Trusona technology serving as the gateway for seamless yet ultra-secure access from anywhere. Healthcare professionals will no longer be required to physically be at their respective organizations or login via a cumbersome VPN process on their laptops to establish wide-ranging communications channel with their colleagues. With Radiologex and Trusona technology, they can now establish unlimited communications channels instantly, from any portable device or web portal, from anywhere in the world, all without remembering a username or password.

Enterprise Times: what does this mean

Radiologex management believes its product is especially relevant in light of the current coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis as well as other health emergencies. Speed, efficiency and confidentiality of communications along with secure data transmission is critical if medical services are to be effective.

The Radiologex/Trusona partnership hopes to solve the problems described above by providing one easy-to-use, blockchain-based platform with safety and speed built in. By partnering with Trusona, Radiologex believes it enhances its capabilities.


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