Openworld London (c) 2020 Oracle Image credit Steve Walker)At Openworld London, Enterprise Times spoke to Debbie Green, Vice President Applications at Oracle. Green has seen the evolution of Oracle at first hand as it has transformed itself into a cloud vendor. Over the last few years she has worked with companies to help them to digitally transform their businesses.

This is not a linear process in many cases and Enterprise Times asked her whether there was uniformity across industry sectors and countries. She believes not, citing public sector as being often early adopters and manufacturers laggards.

Debbie Green, vice president of Applications, Oracle UK
Debbie Green, vice president of Applications, Oracle UK

We discussed the issue of inhibitors and what is actually stopping companies migrating to the cloud. She believes that security, while important is less of an issue for organisations looking to switch work streams now. She explains how the Oracle architecture went through a close examination by government and Financial Services companies especially.

Buying into cloud software is also no longer just a technology decision. When the the CIO is the only participant the process and change is likely to fail. Green believes that the whole CSuite needs involvement in the decision and project. If left to IT alone the project is likely to fail. Not because of the technology but because with cloud software companies need to adjust their business processes to fit as they are unable to customise the solution.

This does not mean that companies cannot personalise applications through a mix of configuration and third party add-ons.

Green also talks about the Oracle strategy embedding AI into its applications rather than delivering it as a separate platform.

To hear what else Green had to say, listen to the podcast.

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