Is ThreadFix the solution to more secure DevOps?At DevOps World, Denim Group announced that the latest version of their Jenkins Plugin would work with their ThreadFix platform. Enterprise Times sat down with Dan Cornell, Founder and CTO of the Denim Group to ask what this mean. 15 years ago Cornell moved from being a developer to being a security professional. This change of roles gives him an insight into the worlds of both groups of people.

Dan Cornell, Founder and CTO of the Denim Group
Dan Cornell, Founder and CTO of the Denim Group

Cornell said that the ThreadFix platform: “Allows organisations to manage their application security and their vulnerability management platforms.” The reason that they need this, explained Cornell is that they all use a wide variety of tools for security. Cornell continued: “ThreadFix allows organisations to pull in all these sources of data into one central location and to normalise and dedup that data.” This step enables security to give developers a list of problems and priorities that they need to solve.

This update to the Jenkins plugin is about making security for CI/CD pipelines easier. Cornell explained that organisations can now kick off security testing, orchestrated by ThreadFix, that feeds issues back to Jenkins, It also populates the organisations defect tracking tools. This is all about taking away the friction that exists between security and developers. As Cornell puts it: “Spiritually, it is in line with DevOps and DevSecOps and how do we breakdown barriers between different teams.”

To hear what Cornell had to say, listen to the podcast.

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