SuiteWorld 19 (c) S BrooksAt SuiteWorld 2019 Enterprise Times sat down with Nicky Tozer, EMEA Vice President at Oracle NetSuite. The meeting was in two parts, this podcast was recorded just before Tozer hosted a panel on Women In Tech at the event. ET also spoke to her about what NetSuite is doing in Europe.

In this podcast, Tozer talks about how she has risen to the top and some of her personal experiences along the way. She shares some lessons that people of all genders could benefit from, lessons that she learned a hard way. She reveals how Oracle and Oracle NetSuite support the cause of women and her future plans. One area that she hopes will see a better gender balance in future is in field sales and sales management, a path she forged herself. It is one that Tozer hopes the graduate program at Oracle NetSuite will solve in time.

Nicky Tozer, from July 1st 2018 Vice President of EMEA, Oracle NetSuite (Image credit Linkedin)
Nicky Tozer, Vice President of EMEA, Oracle NetSuite

Tozer also talks about how she turned disadvantages into advantages as she forged her career through Oracle commenting: “For me its just more powerful to take something that may be perceived to be negative and turn it into a positive.”

She talks about the importance of mentors and role models, sharing that she knows she is perceived as one (rightly so) in the organisation. Tozer also reveals how diversity initiatives can go wrong, or what mistakes she has seen along the way.

To hear more of what Tozer had to say listen to the podcast.

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