HR HCM Spotlight Image credit Pixabay/TumisuEnterprise Times spoke with David Wilson, Founder and CEO of Fosway Group. The discussion covered several of the hot topics at UNLEASH.

First up was digital transformation and what HR leaders are actually doing about it. Wilson advocates that it is not just about technology, though many vendors might seem at face value to portray that as the case. Wilson commented: “its not just about more tech, it is more about transforming that mindset and the way we engage with people”

David Wilson, Founder and CEO Fosway Group (Image credit linkedin)
David Wilson, Founder and CEO Fosway Group

The Group Fosway carries out research on the subject and Wilson shares some of the findings from that. He reveals how companies are going about their transformation projects. More importantly he talks about how they should approach the projects. In summary, Wilson says: “start with what your business problem is”. It may be obvious but he explains why it is so important and what happens in many of the projects he is aware of.

The conversation also looks at how HR leaders need to have a voice at the table, though not always a seat at it. The conversation discuss what digital transformation looks like and whether it is ever completed. It potentially isn’t, according to Wilson, he added “There isn’t a perfect end state.”

Wilson discusses how HR should approach transformation, what techniques, such as innovation, they need to master and also what the first steps on the journey are. HR is not the only thing that technology is enabling the transformation of. Recruiting is one, another is payroll, with the rise of the gig economy are we on the cusp of major change?

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