Innovation image credit pixabay/geraltEnterprise Times spoke to Andrew Kinder, VP Industry & Solution Strategy, Infor at the MAKE UK conference. Kinder talked about how manufacturing organisations can monetise digital transformations.

There are four quadrants that manufacturers can place their initiatives into. Kinder talks through the four quadrant approach that Infor uses when investigating how a manufacturer can differentiate itself from the competition.

Andrew Kinder, VP Industry & Solution Strategy at Infor
Andrew Kinder, VP Industry & Solution Strategy at Infor

Digital can mean so many different things to different people. For example, transformation may not just impact those areas that are obvious. This means it is not just about improving the processes on the shop floor, the warehouse or distribution channels.

Companies often take an Eric Ries approach of doing a lot of experiments. This should be tempered, however, Kinder by placing them under an overall strategic umbrella that has a clear vision in mind.

Kinder also tackles the difficult question about whether digital transformation is a revolution or an evolution. He starts his response by saying: “…its a revolution pursued by a series of evolutionary steps.” then offers some ideas some sage advise on how manufacturers can approach the problem.

The podcast also touches on servitisation and the rise of new business models in manufacturing. This includes how manufacturers should look to both commoditise and personalise. Once seen as different ends of the spectrum they are no longer always seen that way.

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