Sale signature Image credit PIcabay/GeraltEpicor has announced the latest version of its Enterprise Content Management platform DocStar. Version 18.2 now includes integration with DocuSign for eSignatures. This feature includes the ability for users to request signatures from within a DocStar workflow. A request can either be initiated directly by a user or from within a DocStar workflow process. It will enable customers to complete contractual processes from within the DocStar platform, from contracts, to sales quotes to mortgage applications.

Mark Register, SVP Business Development and Channels at DocuSign commented: “We’re thrilled to partner with a leader in the enterprise software space like Epicor to deliver more efficient ways for companies to do business. This new integration will allow our joint customers to come to agreement faster using the tools they are familiar with and working in every day.”

Other improvements

While the Docusign integration is the key functional improvement DocStar has also added several other features:

  • Improvements to DataLink that enables better management of external tables.
  • Formulas in work flows now update calculations in real time.
  • Improvements to usability. DocStar has improved how certain table fields are viewed to reduce the effort of users to see data. It has also added several new keyboard shortcuts for users. There is now the option to assign workflow tasks while a user is out of the office. This can be set up for a group or individual users to have authority, though settings do not appear to be granular.
  • There are some new options for workflow tasks. It is now possible to build more complex formulae using the Advanced Math Task. These include the ability to combine text and numeric information. It is also possible to set a time limit for a workflow step. This means that if one approver does not approve a process within a given time specified in hours, the workflow will move to the next step.
  • The new version includes several bug fixes as well.
Tom Franceski, Vice President and General Manager, DocStar (image credit Linkedin)
Tom Franceski, Vice President and General Manager, DocStar

Tom Franceski, Vice President and General Manager, DocStar commented: “Process automation is at the heart of digital transformation. Our latest release gives organizations new functionality to digitize and transform mission-critical activities, while supporting overall goals for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We empower our users with much better control over business processes.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Most of the enhancements to the DocStar content management solution in this release are small. However, the integration with Docusign is a significant improvement for customers. What is slightly surprising is that DocStar has chosen to integrate with only a single eSignature vendor. There is no mention of Adobe Sign, which some customers may already be using. With the Docusign acquisition of SpringCM last year and its System of Agreements platform announcement with Seal Software, integrated DocStar Docusign is as much a competitor as partner. There is no mention of a marketing agreement between Epicor and Docusign in the press release. Did they partner with the market leader, because of customer demand? Should they have also integrated with other signature vendors as part of this release? Will they do so in future?


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