Secure document Image credit pixabay/stevepbAccess has announced that its CartaHR solution is now listed on the Kronos Dimensions Suite application marketplace. CartaHR now integrates to the Kronos Workforce Dimensions solution enabling HR functions to leverage document management features it provides.

Kronos will have validated the software prior to its listing on the marketplace. However, until it has two customers using the solution it will not be certified. It isn’t yet clear whether it already achieved this milestone.

Stephen Engdahl, Chief Product Officer for Access (Image credit Linkedin)
Stephen Engdahl, Chief Product Officer for Access

Stephen Engdahl, Chief Product Officer for Access commented: “As a charter Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner, Access is creating innovative product integrations with CartaHR to unburden managers, empower employees, and foster overall user adoption.

“The CartaHR integration adds value to an organization’s investment in Workforce Dimensions through powerful time and attendance and leave management workflows that automate processes to save managers time — and give them visibility into supporting documentation.”

The listing on the marketplace provide a wide range of information about the product. It is available globally but only currently appears to have Spanish and English versions. Key features include:

  • Automated Time and Attendance and Leave Management Workflows. When a policy violation occurs it triggers predefined workflows to initiate action. This could include sending a notification to a manager.
  • Securely Store, Retrieve and Share Employee Documents. A central repository for HR documents. Allows access securely and tracks usage
  • In-App Eforms Creation. Allows the creation of on-line forms to replace paper-based ones, capturing information electronically and improving efficiency.
  • Compliance Monitors. Assists HR team with the tracking of relevant documents, notifying when reviews are due or documents are no longer valid for example
  • Dashboards for Instant Visiblity. These flexible dashboards deliver relevant information to each HR employee bringing a personalised experience to the platform

What does this mean

For Kronos users this provides a useful extension to the functionality of their core solution. One existing customer of CartaHR already enjoying the benefits is Summa Health, though not a Kronos user. Stacie Novosel, System Director for Compensation and HRIS at Summa Health commented: “We’ve been extremely pleased with CartaHR. Customer service has been excellent, and the platform itself is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to share and manage employee files across multiple locations.”

What isn’t clear from either the press release, Carta HR website or the Kronos Marketplace entry is the price of the solution. Prospects will need to contact Access to obtain that.




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