(c) 2017 Pixabay/Tumisu FeedbackGlobal Shop Solutions has announced a new integration with Canny.io. Founded in 2017 Canny.io. is an application that manages feedback from both customers and employees. The application allows users and employees to view a product roadmap, offer suggestions and feedback and allows the product manager to organise the feedback in a streamlined way. It automates both the collection of feedback and the subsequent communication with the customer about whether their suggestion will, or will not be taken forward.

Global Shop Solutions has now integrated Canny into its ERP software. This is not for its customers’ customer but for feedback for Global Shop Solutions itself. The company is already seeing benefits.

Chris Okamuro, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Global Shop Solutions (Image credit Global Shop Solutions)
Chris Okamuro, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Global Shop Solutions

Chris Okamuro, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Global Shop Solutions explains: “Canny is doing exactly what we wanted it to do, which is give us a better idea of what will be useful to our customer base as a whole. It also promotes more of a feeling of community within our customer base, which we actively strive to nurture. Not only can our customers see the kinds of challenges their peers are dealing with, they can also contribute ideas for possible solutions, which helps everyone.

Automating improvement

This is a clever move by Global Shop Solutions as it will help to automate the process for receiving feedback. The combined solution supports single sign on and customers will not have to log into the application.

Canny integrates with Slack, Zapier and Intercom out the box. For customers on higher levels it also supports integration with Jira and Slack. For a software vendor such as Global Shop this could help manage the pain point of gathering bug and feedback requests and automating the improvement cycle. Global Shop Solutions has a fairly human driven manual process to collect such data historically. Now customers can see other feedback, vote for feature improvements and make suggestions on requests or feedback other customers have proposed.

What does this mean?

This isn’t is a partnership that will see customers of Global Shop Solutions ERP leverage Canny for their own customers. What is does mean for Canny.io is that a new group of potential customers will see and experience its software. For some, this might be the first time they have considered such a solution to managing customer feedback. Canny.io pricing starts at $50/month for 100 tracked users. A Growth plan costs $200/per month for 1,000 tracked users with each additional 1,000 users costing an extra $100.

Whether Global Shop Solutions will further embed Canny.io into its own software isn’t yet known. Yet if enough requests for the solution are received to integrate to product design or the company messaging solution then it might go a step further.

Customers of Global Shop Solutions are set to benefit quickly. The feedback generated is already influencing the next version of its software. It brings the customer advisory council to a much wider audience and ensures that an even wider set of ideas are captured and prioritised.


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