Aparna Sinha talks Kubernetes At the Cloud Native Computing Conference and KubeCon 18 in Copenhagen, Enterprise Times was fortunate to catch Aparna Sinha, Product Management Lead for Kubernetes at Google.

It’s a very busy time for Kubernetes. It has just graduated from the CNCF and is now a fully fledged project in its own right. It has also seen substantial enterprise take-up with claims that over 50% of enterprises are using Kubernetes in one form or another.

There were a number of announcements at the show that Sinha was keen to elaborate on. The first is stack driver monitoring for Kubernetes which allows the user to monitor more Kubernetes components. There is also an API connector for the open source Prometheus project. This will allow administrators to pull metrics from Prometheus and consume them in Google Kubernetes Environment (GKE). As well a providing a single pane of glass for all Kubernetes metrics, this also enables users to auto-scale their environment based on what is happening in the application.

Aparna Sinha, Product Management Lead for Kubernetes at Google
Aparna Sinha, Product Management Lead for Kubernetes at Google

The other announcements will appeal to IT security teams. Google has focused on two areas to improve security.

The first is runtime security so that you can see what is going on in your cluster. Google Cloud Security Command Centre (GCSCC) now has first class support for containers. Google is also bringing five partners into its GCSCC. The integration means that any alerts from the partners will show up in GCSCC making it easier for Kubernetes customers to deal with the problem.

The third major announcement that Sinha talked about was gVisor. This is a container security solution that Google uses internally and which it has now open sourced . One of the presentations at the show, ‘Running With Scissors’ by Liz Rice, Aqua Security, showed up some of the security challenges with containers. This is something that gVisor is designed to address.

To hear what else Sinha had to say listen to the podcast.

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