Classroom, e-learning Image credit has announced a deeper integration between IFS Applications 9 and ClickLearn. The two companies have worked together to improve the integration for both IFS Applications and IFS Field Service Management and the ClickLearn software.

ClickLearn for IFS provides real time assistants and instructions in a variety of formats. These can then be used to enhance training during both implementation and onboarding of new employees.

IFS Education extended

The partnership with ClickLearn extends back to 2015 and the ClickLearn solution works with IFS Applications 7.5. 8 and 9. There are now 50 joint customers. What is unclear is whether this latest announcement sees ClickLearn become part of IFS software or whether there are additional costs involved. ClickLearn has no indicative pricing on its website. However, it does allow companies to use a trial license for a period.

David Eager, Vice President of Global Alliances at IFS commented: “Offering our customers to use this integrated training and e-learning platform extends the value and ROI they realize from IFS solutions. The real-time assistants and instructions developed by our Platinum Partner, ClickLearn, have proved highly successful in increasing implementation efficiencies”

The new integration is in addition to the training and certifications offered by the IFS Academy. The courses are delivered for consultants, developers and technicians. The certification programs are in two levels, associate and specialist.

What is ClickLearn?

ClickLearn is a complete e-learning authoring tool for IFS. It enables users to create work instructions for IFS. The trainer is able to record a process within IFS Applications which is recorded by ClickLearn. ClickLearn then automatically creates a range of materials to help students learn the process. These materials include:

  • Written instructions
  • Video walk through, these include automated voice overs in 40 languages
  • Training simulators, enabling staff to practice the work in a safe environment without affecting live data
  • Virtual assistance, these operate in the live environment providing instructions to users about which task they need to perform next.
  • An e-learning portal that provides a training hub for all content

ClickLearn also provides a similar solution for Microsoft Dynamics. It supports Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX. While the Dynamics solution also has a service provider edition, there does not appear to be an equivalent for IFS partners. It is an omission that ClickLearn might look to redress in Atlanta at the IFS World conference, at which they are a platinum sponsor. It also has support for SAP, SAP Web portal and Oracle Java clients.

George Hardy, CMO ClickLearn Aps (Image credit LinkedIn
George Hardy, CMO ClickLearn Aps

George Hardy, Vice President, Enterprise Sales at ClickLearn commented: “The partnership between IFS and ClickLearn is very important for our market position, and underlines that ClickLearn is the training and e-learning solution for IFS Applications and IFS Field Service Management. The agreement is a clear statement of ClickLearn’s continuous support for IFS’s suite of products, and dedication to the IFS Partner Network”.

What does this mean

E-learning tools can help accelerate user adoption of new systems in companies. The ClickLearn solution provides trainers with a portfolio of tools. These help reduce the costs and time of implementation and onboarding.

For IFS bringing in a partner to help its customers better understand and improve the use of their systems is sensible. There is more that they could do though. IFS could provide standard training using ClickLearn for both customers and as sales demonstrations. There is also the question on the partner license. This would be beneficial for all parties concerned.


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