Rachel Neaman talks about diversity, skills shortages, cybersecurity and socio-economic challengesEarlier this year, Enterprise Times spent some time with the Corsham Institute looking at the work it was doing with retraining military veterans into cybersecurity roles. During the day, ET was able to sit down with Rachel Neaman, CEO of the Corsham Institute. During the discussion Neaman talked about the challenges of skills gaps across industry, especially cybersecurity.

One of the biggest challenges is addressing those from poor social-economic backgrounds. Employers often do not come into contact with these people. They are often excluded from skilled roles because they lack formal qualifications employers want. Neaman says that they are both difficult to reach for the employer and also lack the trust in companies and education. This requires targeted outreach to connect with the right people.

Rachel Neaman, CEO, Corsham Institute
Rachel Neaman, CEO, Corsham Institute

To hear more of what Neaman had to say about these issues listen to the podcast.

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