Screenshot from Talentia 10.2 (Image credit Talentia)

Talentia has announced a new release of its HCM solution, version 10.2. The new release builds on the software that was first introduced in 2014. The new release is available this month for those customers with licensed software and on the SaaS platform from November.

Key enhancements to elearning

There are two major areas where Talentia has improved its software. The 10.2 version includes a full E-learning solution. This enables companies to create a catalogue of training courses. Both employees and managers are able to request those courses as part of a training journey. Managers are able to place employees directly on courses or onto waiting lists which are also now available. This also enables managers to keep a tight control of training budgets and ensure that employees are trained both in the areas they need and fairly across their area of authority.

The Talentia system is then able to deliver those course through a variety of means. It supports content such as video delivered to both mobile or desktop devices. The Android mobile app was updated in July to support these enhancements. The content delivery is interactive and deliverable over multiple days for busy staff. It can also include questionnaire and tests to confirm learning. Importantly managers are able to analyse not just the direct costs but also the indirect costs of working time lost.

This latter enhancement is interesting. It enables managers to identify employees preferred learning styles. Some people are better learning visually, others through kinaesthetic methods. It should enable a manager to identify the best training method for each employee to optimise both time spent by the employee and budget spent.

Continuous performance reviews added

There is also a new continuous feedback module. This is a full 360 degree appraisal enabling employees to appraise each other continuously. This latest trend, often seen as driven by millennials, though appreciated by other generations sees good performance rewarded instantly by peers, employees and managers. It allows managers a much better picture of the performance of an employee throughout their year.

Issues, such as poor performance can be dealt with swiftly with action plans put in place to improve performance. The feedback given is structured and can include thanks, endorsements, recognition and achievements. It encourages interaction between employees both within teams and across the company. Customers are able to modify the standard workflows.

What does this mean

Talentia is growing a reputation as an HCM provider to watch. It featured on the Fosway Group 9-Grid report for cloud HCM last year. David Wilson, CEO The Fosway Group commented “Talentia’s position as a ‘Solid Performer’ can be attributed to the positive feedback from customers utilising their technology, as well as its sustained market performance and upwards trajectory.” It has includes customers such as Groupe Batteur, Axens and Banca Popolare Pugliesi.

The solution is available in multiple languages across Europe. This latest release strengthens their platform and it will be interesting to see how customers take advantage of the new functionality.


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