As part of Enterprise Times’ recent road trip across the USA we stopped off in Minneapolis to visit Code42. We sat down and talked with John Durant, Chief Technology Office and SVP. Durant talked about the challenges organisations face when scaling up their patching processes. It is a major headache for many organisations. Recent malware and ransomware outbreaks suggest that organisations are not patching. That is wrong. They are patching but they need to do so in a way that doesn’t cause its own threat to the business.

John Durant, Chief Technology Officer, Code42
John Durant, Chief Technology Officer, Code42

Durant also talked about how enterprises manage end users and their personal technology. That technology is increasingly important to enterprises as it continues to rely on employees own devices. This is not jut about who should be patching devices, enterprise or user. It is about responsibility and taking ownership of what you bring into the organisation.

Trust is a major challenge between security and users. Durant says that the default mode for security teams is to trust nobody. They treat all employees with the same level of suspicion. But is that fair? Durant thinks not. He believes that we have to get better at identifying those people who are likely to be a threat. User behavioural analytics allows security teams to identify risk. They are then able to focus their limited resources on where the threat is highest.

To hear what Durant had to say, listen to the podcast here. Alternatively you can download it to your local machine and listen to it on your personal device. Our podcasts are also available for Android devices from Alternatively go to our page on Stitcher and download this podcast from there.



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