SYSPRO Espresso Xpress Cart (Image credit SYSPRO)
SYSPRO has announced the launch of the latest version of their mobile app SYSPRO Espresso. This version includes Xpress Cart functionality. The app now lets the sales teams inside manufacturers and distributors to take orders wherever they are.

The app enables the salesperson to rapidly process an order when they are out the office, at a customer or even on the move. Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices are all supported by SYSPRO. Once logged into the app the user is able to check stock levels of the items requested. They are then able to place the order and let their customer know the estimated shipping date and costs.

If the customer isn’t sure which item they prefer the salesperson can give comparisons based on the requirement. SYSPRO has created a flexible UI where the items are visible in a card index format, a grid pattern or as a number of images to compare easily.

Once the line items are created they can add comments to the order if required. SYSPRO has created a simple B2B ecommerce platform that many customers will find useful.

Designed inspired by Amazon

Paulo de Matos, Chief Product Officer, SYSPRO (Image credit LinkedIn)
Paulo de Matos, Chief Product Officer, SYSPRO

Paulo de Matos, Chief Product Officer at SYSPRO believes that the new Espresso Xpress Cart app is designed to be comparable with B2C sites like Amazon. There is a short video that demonstrates the functionality though SYSPRO might have have improved this with more colourful photo’s. As such it looks simple to use but without the sophistication of the Amazon design.

This latest functionality works with SYSPRO 7.0 and once logged in staff have the ability to access information about customers, products as well as stock.


This is a minor but welcome update to the SYSPRO mobile app. For those customers of SYSPRO not yet using the app it is worth taking another look and considering how their salesforce could take advantage. What isn’t clear is how much set up is required to take advantage of the new feature.

For customers this is an update that should enable sales teams to work more effectively. The ability for them to inform customers how much stock there is, take an order and deliver a shipping date in a single conversation is welcome news to many.


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