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Concur has announced that a new connector for ADP HR is available. The ADP HR Connector from Concur is generally available from the ADP marketplace. Workforce Now is ADP’s solution for the mid market and demonstrates that Concur sees a bigger opportunity if it can create integrations such as this.

Connections in the cloud

As companies choose their specialised cloud applications ISV’s need to their integration strategy. Companies already using ADP, who owns a large share of the payroll and HR market, will see the integration as vital to their selection of an expenses solution.

The connector allows companies to create employees only once in the ADP Workforce Now solution. Once created key data is synchronised between the two systems, with Workforce now always the master. That data includes: first name, last name, email address, phone number, currency, user credentials, location, country and approval status.

Workforce Now uses the worker (employee) status flag to determine whether the employee is active or not. As employees leave the company and HR data is updated that status change automatically means they can no longer use the expenses system.

Workforce now allows for future changes in status as well such as leave of absence. Though it isn’t clear whether it is possible for an employee to continue making expenses claims while inactive. This nuance is rare and will probably need a change in Workforce Now to complete though.

Integration comes at a price.

Image credit Linkedin/Christal Bemont
Christal Bemont, SVP and GM of Small, Midsized and Nationals at Concur

The connector is built on the Dell Boomi iPaaS platform and runs on the Boomi Atom cloud. No payroll data is extracted from Workforce Now and the integration is one way only. The cost of the solution is a 15% uplift on the expenses pricing. This seems steep, but Concur will have to cover the cost of the platform from Dell Boomi.

Companies will need to consider the benefits carefully. There are three obvious business justifications for using the tool. HR staff only need to enter one set of data which saves time. More importantly it will also reduce the manual errors that duplicate entry creates. Finally if ex-employees are able to use Concur to claim expenses after they leave then this closes a loophole.

Christal Bemont, SVP and GM of Small, Midsized and Nationals at Concur commented “In today’s busy business environment having the right technology in place is more important than ever. By integrating business-critical systems into one solution like the ADP HR Connector from Concur, small to medium businesses can spend more time focusing on mission-critical initiatives rather than errors caused by manual inputs and exports.”


For ADP this is another app in a growing marketplace. Concur are not the only expenses solution that ADP has an integration with. There is also a connector to DATABASICS on the marketplace. ADP will also need to attract other expenses companies onto the platform such as KDS.

The cost seems high but it probably matches to the value that Concur are delivering. This is the case especially in companies that have a high turnover of staff. It will certainly make administrators in customers happy when implemented. Don Weinstein, chief strategy officer, ADP commented: “Both ADP and Concur are committed to delivering innovative solutions that improve our clients’ lives. Together we imagine how the world should work and collaboratively bring that vision into the marketplace through solutions that enhance the daily experiences for clients – and their employees. Through our Concur integration, our clients have access to a unified solution and more importantly better outcomes.”


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