Cloudian announced that it has had a successful year in Japan, it is not an easy market to be successful in and Cloudian’s announcement that it has achieved 270% growth bears looking at deeper.

Cloudian provide hybrid cloud smart data storage and their Cloudian Hyperstore product is sold through NTT Comware and NTT Software in Japan. In 2014 NTT Communications launched a new business hosting service called “Biz hosting service” that takes advantage of the hybrid solution that Cloudian provide linked on premise or hosted data storage with Amazon S3 storage.

Susumu Okuhira, NTT Communications director of hosting and platform service, cloud services commented “With this aim, we were also studying an object storage service that is highly scalable, with unlimited data capacity. Cloudian has a proven track record in global markets to provide highly resilient and robust object storage with an Amazon S3-compatible API, which we believe is an optimal fit with our idea of object storage service.”

The 270% growth appeared to be usage based rather than sales however and while they have a significant partner in NTT in Japan this does not necessarily equate to additional sales. Last year during Cloudian’s Series C funding round they obtained some investment from the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ). NTT do not appear to be an investor in this fund manager and it perhaps surprising that Cloudian does not have more announcements around new customers in the region.

If the Cloudian results were made public it would be interesting to see what additional sales they have made in 2014 in the Japanses market. However that NTT are starting to utilise their investment in Cloudian can only be good news as they look to expand the wallet share of the large multinational. It will be interesting to see whether Cloudian manage to penetrate some of NTT’s subsidiary companies like Dimension Data.

Cloudian themselves are keen to push this announcement as a success in Japan with Jon Ash, vice president of worldwide sales at Cloudian commenting “With hundreds of deployments worldwide, Cloudian HyperStore is the hybrid cloud solution proven to meet the rigorous quality standards in Japan, … Cloudian’s ability to create highly scalable storage systems, which deliver comprehensive S3 features, resonates with NTT, Nifty, ICC and DNP, among others as they provide customers with robust, field-proven storage solutions.”



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