Totalmobile Lone Worker Protection Software. (C) 2024 Totalmobile Totalmobile has published some disturbing statistics about lone workers. It reported that alerts raised from its Lone Worker Protection Software have soared over the last year. The company has handled 135,859 alerts from only 100,000 users within the last year.

The increase indicates that lone workers are becoming increasingly vulnerable. These incidents come in several forms. With around 8 million lone workers in the UK, reaching around 22% during the pandemic when more people worked from home. The increasing problem was highlighted in a recent Guardian article. This article revealed that violence and abuse against retail staff has risen to 1,300 incidents every day. That rise was accompanied by increased shoplifting. With a 50% rise in the number of incidents of racial abuse, sexual harassment, physical assaults and threats with weapons in the last year.

Answering the Lone Worker Protection Challenge

The problem is repeated across many other industries using lone workers. With 30.6% of people working in the ambulance service reporting at least one incident of violence in 2022.

The Totalmobile lone worker team dealt with an average of 372 alerts every day during 2023. Providing immediate response and assistance. The alerts can be from across the Totalmobile customer base. Including public, commercial and property sectors in the UK and Ireland. Lone worker protection systems provide a means for lone workers to immediately communicate with a call centre if they feel at risk. Either from a third party or a health and safety issue. GPS tracking enables the support team to quickly send the appropriate assistance to the individual. Just having this capability often acts as a deterrent in cases where violence is threatened.

Jon Woodforth, Chief Technology Officer, Totalmobile, Image credit - LinkedIn
Jon Woodforth, Chief Technology Officer, Totalmobile

Totalmobile’s Chief Technology Officer, Jon Woodforth, commented, “As technology evolves, so do the challenges faced by lone workers. These latest figures serve as a stark reminder of the importance of our mission in bettering the lives of field workers and prioritising our customer’s safety in all our endeavours.

“Our Lone Worker Protection software isn’t just technology, it’s a lifeline to those working alone, empowering them to carry out their duties confidently, knowing that they have a reliable safety solution supporting them at every step of the way, 24/7.”

Lone Worker Protection Solution

The Lone Worker Protection Solution, has, sadly, never been more relevant with increased risk to staff working alone. Business leaders must consider how to protect their staff when working alone because of the duty of care. Potentially, this also includes when staff work from home. Which is a fact that many seemed to ignore during the pandemic.

The Totalmobile solution enables lone workers to raise alerts and contact an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The ARC can then determine whether emergency services need to be contacted or another appropriate course of action undertaken. The solution is fully compliant with BS8484 standards and provides workers with a variety of alerts to select from, depending upon the circumstances. The solution supports red alerts where emergency services can be called, yellow alerts, and a virtual buddy that can provide assurance. Organisations can tailor alerts and responses to their specific needs. For example, in hospitals and education establishments, on-site security can be dispatched quickly to a specific incident.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Are your lone workers sufficiently protected? Have you carried out your responsibility as an employer? The HSE notes, “As an employer, you must manage any health and safety risks before people can work alone. This applies to anyone contracted to work for you, including self-employed people.”

The rise in incidents is concerning. However, against this is the lack of detail around what the statistics were the previous year and what severity the incidents were. The rise in violence against retail workers is concerning. And while overall crime statistics have reduced (by 10% to June 2023, compared to the previous year) the increased cost of living is having an impact in some areas.

While individuals do have a responsibility for their own health and safety, organisations also have to ensure that they meet their legal obligations or risk financial and other penalties.

Totalmobile is one of the vendors offering lone worker protection solutions. Its solutions are proven and used across multiple industries.


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