hands handshake partnership Image credit pixabay/rawpixelsSectigo, a leading provider of automated certificate lifecycle management and digital certificates, has announced a partnership with Axians Switzerland. Axians Switzerland is one of the ten S&T business units acquired by VINCI Energies in 2022. Axians is an end-to-end security provider for IT and OT. The relationship with Sectigo will further strengthen its portfolio of solutions and services it offers customers with the Sectigo platform. Notably, comprehensive certificate lifecycle management (CLM) helps organisations to better manage public and private certificates and helps avoid system outages caused by rogue or expired certificates.

Sectigo solutions will help Axians ensure that bad actors can no longer exploit the loopholes caused by poor certificate management. Swiss customers of Axians will use the CLM platform to build and manage digital trust across business applications, data analytics, enterprise networks, digital workspaces, data centres, cloud services, telecommunications infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

Freddy Bürkli, Head of Sales Cybersecurity at Axians IT Services Switzerland, commented, “Our teams continually assess and prioritize digital risks for our customers, and they often find a gap when it comes to managing certificates.

“With Sectigo, we can now offer customers the full weight and trust of Sectigo’s two decades as a trusted certificate authority (CA) in addition to its cloud-native, CA-agnostic solution that delivers more than 50 leading technology integrations from a single pane of glass.”

Extending Axians solutions

Axians has 881 employees across 22 locations in Switzerland and offers a variety of ICT services to customers. These services include:

  • Broadband Services
  • Business Applications & Data Analytics
  • Cloud & Data Centre
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Workspace
  • Fixed Network Infrastructure
  • IT Project management
  • SAP Solutions & Technology

The Certificate Lifecycle management will strengthen the cyber security enabling customers to manage the lifecycles of digital certificates to secure every human and machine identity across the enterprise, all from a single interface. With the advent of Chrome’s 90-day certificates, securely automating the process is becoming even more important to ease the potential burden on security teams. Axians, in partnership with Sectigo, can offer organisations domain-validation certificates, discovery, and automation, alongside pricing models that align seamlessly with their growth initiatives.

Ottavio Camponeschi, Vice President of EMEA at Sectigo, image credit - LinkedIn
Ottavio Camponeschi, Vice President of EMEA at Sectigo

Ottavio Camponeschi, Vice President of EMEA at Sectigo, commented, “Axians is a key player in our global partner strategy. Their market leadership throughout Europe and around the world allows us to reach more customers in more places with our award-winning CLM solutions. Starting in Switzerland, we are here to help Axians’s customers, large and small, achieve digital trust with full certificate lifecycle management.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Unusually, this announcement seems solely to be with Axians Switzerland rather than the wider organisation. However, Axians has a decentralised business model. That means that Sectigo may need to partner with individual entities across Europe and beyond to have a wider impact. However, as Switzerland is a sizeable operation, it may provide a good pilot for its functionality to other units. Sectigo will hope it comes to the attention of France, where Axians has its global headquarters.


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