NIBS (credit image/Pixabay/ Ryan McGuire)Cybersecurity news last week was a mix of reports and new products. Key among them was iDenfy announcing that it had cut a deal with gaming company SPINS to deliver identify verification to meet compliance and age requirements.


Egress has released its 2nd Email Security Risk Report (registration required). Of the 500 organisations surveyed, 94% of respondents had fallen victim to phishing attacks. A further 2% were impacted negatively by phishing attacks. Worryingly, that is up 10% from the previous year despite the amount of press attention on the dangers of phishing.

Another impact of phishing is the escalation into account takeover. 79% of organisations suffered an account takeover after a successful phishing attack. That’s a high success rate and speaks to the effectiveness of new AI-driven attacks that are harder for staff to spot.

It doesn’t end there, however. 94 of organisations admitted that they suffered outbound email security issues. The majority of these were data exfiltration emails.

Jack Chapman, VP of Threat Intelligence at Egress, comments: “The stats in this latest report are truly staggering; 94% of companies have experienced security incidents in the last 12 months, and 95% of cybersecurity leaders are stressed about email security. Organizations urgently need to adapt their approach, or risk finding themselves in the same position next year.”


Gatewatcher was invited to Davos 2024 as part of the official French delegation to the WEF event. Responding to the invite Jacques de La Rivière, CEO of Gatewatcher said, “We are very proud to be able to accompany the President of the Republic to Davos given the themes discussed and the growing importance of issues linked to Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity.

“As a startup that has been integrating Artificial Intelligence and in particular generative AI as part of our solutions for years, we are closely observing developments and we are committed to guaranteeing the safe use of this new technology. We are indeed moving towards a future where Artificial Intelligence will be increasingly integrated into information systems.

“It is up to companies in the cyber ecosystem to provide solutions to respond to growing cyber threats linked to IA, the increased sophistication of existing attack vectors or even the risks linked to the exploitation of data made available by companies.”


JumpCloud has announced FCBrasil as a new partner. It will see FCBrasil develop new channels and promote the JumpCloud brand across Brazil. It will also offer support for pre and post-sales activities.

Antoine Jebara, general manager of the MSP channel and co-founder of JumpCloud, said, “We are pleased to have FCBrasil join our partner community. The current hybrid and remote work scenario continues to challenge companies to remain productive and secure. FCBrasil, as a distributor of JumpCloud, will continue the mission of enabling employees to work securely anywhere.”

Security news from the week beginning 8 January 2024



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