Logik.io (credit image/Pixabay/ Franz26)Logik.io, has launched a beta version of Cosmo AI, an artificial intelligence solution built for CPQ and Commerce. The company says its solution’s simplifies complex selling experiences with advanced configuration technology.

Logik.io’s Cosmo AI suite launches today with its first game-changing capability, Cosmo FunctionAssist. Cosmo FunctionAssist is an intelligent rule-writing assistant built to make configuration administration simpler than ever by using generative AI to create advanced rules.

Within Logik.io, admins can write the rule they want to create in plain English. Cosmo FunctionAssist will then instantly return a perfectly optimised set of rules. Cosmo FunctionAssist makes rule creation, a traditionally complicated task in other solutions, fast and simple.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Christopher Shutts)
Christopher Shutts, CEO at Logik.io.

According to Christopher Shutts, Logik.io’s CEO, “At Logik.io, we don’t believe in AI simply for the sake of AI. With the launch of Cosmo AI, we believe we’re raising the bar for the entire CPQ space. We are providing artificial intelligence that solves real challenges and adds real value for our customers. Gone are the days when admins needed to spend hours on advanced scripting to write and manage rules. Our new Cosmo FunctionAssist functionality is changing how companies will look at managing configuration.”

AI capabilities

With the launch of Cosmo AI, Logik.io takes just the first step in the company’s AI roadmap. The company plans to continue building AI skills to solve some of the hardest configuration problems that CPQ users face. Logik.io’s forthcoming AI capabilities include:

  • Smart Predictions & Auto-Suggestions, which will save end-users time quoting by auto-suggesting options based on previous selections.
  • Rule Optimisation Suggestions, which will make process improvements faster, simpler, and more automated via intelligent suggestions.
  • Inline Admin Help & Support, which will enable CPQ and Commerce admins to be more effective and efficient by providing them with real-time, in-context answers and training on any questions they have as they work.

With every Cosmo AI innovation, we are applying artificial intelligence to the areas within managing configuration. In addition to complex transactions that have historically caused the most friction or inefficiency for admins and end-users. From Day 1, Logik.io was designed to usher in a new era for advanced configuration. We are continuing to disrupt our space with Cosmo AI and our robust AI roadmap,” said Fazal Gupta, Vice President of Product at Logik.io.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

The beta launch of Cosmo AI comes at a time of exciting growth for Logik.io. Over the last several months, Logik.io has announced its $16 million Series A funding, triple-digit year-over-year revenue growth. The company also doubled the number of live customers and saw the opening of a new headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois. The company’s beta version of Cosmo AI is purpose-built to help both administrators and end-users enhance efficiency, experience, and performance. Logik.io have not indicated any timescales when the beta version in release into the alpha version. However, necessity is the mother of all inventions.

The customer journey from discovery, through to selling and buying is increasingly getting far more complex. Many business across marketing, selling, commerce and service channel have identified critical enterprise technology gaps in systems such as CPQ, ERP and commerce. As a result, Logik.io may have to fast forward its beta version, sooner rather than later.


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