What is identity? It is a collection of credentials such as a name and password? Does it require something as unique as DNA? How do we differentiate human identity from machines and other operators in our enterprise when identity is used for access? Should we automate the management of identity, and how?

These are all complex questions that would take a long time to answer. To get a start on these, Enterprise Times talked with Mike Kiser, Director of Strategy, SailPoint. We started by asking Kiser how do we craft a definition of identity from a standards and legal perspective that a business can use.

Mike Kiser, Director of Strategy, SailPoint (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Mike Kiser, Director of Strategy, SailPoint

Kiser replied, “It’s not just a representation of who that person is, but it’s a representation of who that person is in relationship to an organisation.” But is it as clear-cut as that? Kiser points out that if someone works for an organisation but is also a customer, they may want those two identities to be separate.

The conversation also covered the role that AI and ML have in helping us manage at scale but with some warnings. For example, how do we apply context? What about bias in AI? Can we trust GenAI in security? How about explainability?

Kiser also talked about government use of Digital Identity. It’s a hot topic at the moment, with countries like Estonia leading the way. Kiser also mentioned a paper from OpenID on Human Centric Digital Identity for Government Officials. Kiser strongly recommends people going out and reading it.

To hear what else Kiser had to say, listen to the podcast

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