Acquisition ActiveCampaign, OneSend, Image credit has announced the acquisition of its long-standing Australian partner, Onesend. Onesend offers several tools integrated with the ActiveCampaign marketing automation platform. The acquisition is, if nothing else, an endorsement of the capabilities that the Onesend tools provide. The acquisition is about extending the availability of the Onesend tools to a wider audience, and existing customers. Which include Toyworld, CampingWorld, Mensland, and Sportpower. These should benefit from the acquisition.

When the acquisition closes, ActiveCampaign will obtain three excellent tools:


OneSendHQ is a platform that enables multi-location and franchise brands to scale their email and SMS messaging.

Courtney Gaynor, Marketing Coordinator, Office Choice, commented. “Being a franchise model, OneSendHQ has given us the ability to provide branded templates and campaigns in a ‘top-down’ model to our independent dealers, while also allowing them to work in their ActiveCampaign accounts when needed, which we haven’t been able to find in any other service… Working with OneSendHQ has been great, they are readily available to help develop and optimise the platform, continually improving its capabilities…”

POSIFiQ By Onesend

POSIFiQ is an Intelligent Integration Platform that connects POS Systems with ActiveCampaign. It enables retailers to combine in-store and online touchpoints that enrich the customer experience through sales and marketing automation.

Greg Fazel, General Manager of INTERSPORT Superstore, commented. “Since we switched to POSIFiQ and their integration with Retail Express and ActiveCampaign, customer purchase history and buying behaviour data is synced automatically, and we don’t have to lift a finger to make it happen, freeing us up to implement a strategic approach to our digital marketing and improving the customer experience and engagement through automation.”

OneSendHQ Portal Companion

OneSendHQ Portal Companion expands ActiveCampaign partner portal capabilities with richer analytics and account management.

Tim Preston, Founder of VYBRNT, commented, “The Partner Companion is a game changer.  We were struggling a bit with managing our reseller accounts due to some key features we needed in the user interface. But the Portal Companion makes it so easy to manage all our accounts in one centralised place. As a long-time ActiveCampaign partner, reselling accounts is now possible again!”

Looking forward together

Bringing the Onesend under ActiveCampaign’s ownership will enable the platform to embrace full integration to deliver a better, more powerful solution that extends ActiveCampaign’s key components. It will provide better technology, capabilities and support for resellers, franchise, and multi-location businesses. They will be able to control email and SMS campaigns. While the extension to the partner portal will enable organisations to have a better visibility of key metrics.

Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign
Jason VandeBoom, Founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign

Jason VandeBoom, Founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign, commented, “Onesend has been a key partner for us in APAC and among multi-location businesses since they joined our partner program in 2020. Their strong data and analytics capabilities and combined 20+ years of experience in working with multi-location organizations, paired with our customer data and marketing automation capabilities, are unmatched in the market. We look forward to helping more multi-location and franchise companies, as well as reseller agencies, find growth. This acquisition addresses dozens of partner portal ideas that have come directly from partners and customers, so we are confident the businesses we work with will see an immediate, positive impact from this partnership.”

Unusually, ActiveCampaign will relocate the entire Onesend team to Chicago, including its founders. This will enable a closer relationship between the product and engineering teams. Scott Thomas, Co-Founder at Onesend, commented. “Since building Onesend from the ground up, our suite of tools has naturally evolved into helping resellers, franchises, and multi-location businesses get the most out of ActiveCampaign’s powerful platform.

“Because of our product evolution, officially incorporating Onesend into the ActiveCampaign brand has felt natural, too. We are excited to dig in and continue innovating, developing more ways to help businesses grow together.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Terms for the acquisition were not revealed. But with the team moving from Queensland to Chicago, this is clearly a decision that the Onesend leadership are buying into. If they had been looking to exit quickly, then they would likely have remained in Australia. What isn’t clear is what roles the two co-founders will have within ActiveCampaign. LinkedIn only shows four employees of OnneSend, as of writing this article, including the co-founders Scott Thomas and Eric (Billy) Bowyer.


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