GroupBy (credit image/Pixabay/esztinogradi)GroupBy has released product enhancements that make it easier than ever for retailers to create outstanding product discovery experiences. Updated features include integrating GroupBy’s data enrichment product (Enrich) into its Command Center for a comprehensive product discovery experience. Features include the implementation of single-sign-on functionality (SSO) via OAuth and the introduction of site filter functionality for retailers with multiple sites and brands.

Data enrichment moves into Command Center

GroupBy’s Enrich augments, corrects and normalises eCommerce product data. The company says this improves shopper experiences, product findability and search metrics. The company says this increases average order value (AOV) and revenue per visitor (RPV).
GroupBy’s Enrich product is also now located in the Command Center. This allows retailers to view, enhance, and curate product data in the same space as they perform all their other vital product discovery functions. This product update consolidates the entire GroupBy product suite into one platform. It is also expected to improve product data enrichment workflows and overall merchandiser productivity.

Single-Sign-On (SSO) functionality

For improved ease-of-use, GroupBy has partnered with industry provider OAuth, and users can now access the platform via SSO. This one-click secure login also enhances and improves GroupBy’s data security, with best-in-class data protection, for the utmost in both convenience and confidence.

In addition to Single-Sign-On functionality, GroupBy’s Command Center menus have been redesigned. Using updated, action-oriented language, the new navigation is more intuitive and human-readable to improve feature findability and workflow pathways.

Improving the accuracy of customer-facing data

GroupBy claims that customer-facing product data is now more accurate than ever before. Brands can upload data and see changes reflected on their sites in close-to-real time. This can be done with as little as 30 seconds between uploads to onsite field updates. This is critical for providing customers with up-to-date product information, including in-stock or out-of-stock and current pricing.

Search and Recommendations for multi-site retailers

For retailers with multiple sites or brands, the new site filter function leverages a single AI for all sites. This is managed while still displaying search results and product recommendations specific to a single site. Previously, retailers with multiple brands would employ multiple AIs to deliver site-specific insights and personalisation for customers.
GroupBy’s new site filter functionality enables retailers to employ a single AI over multiple sites. Customers can receive search results and product recommendations based on shopper behaviour specific to the site they are currently viewing. By leveraging a single AI, retailers can simultaneously save on their product discovery costs. Additionally, GroupBy says it delivers more powerful insights that are only made possible when processing higher volumes of data.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Arv Natarajan)
Arv Natarajan, Director of Product for GroupBy

Arv Natarajan, Director of Product for GroupBy says, “I am excited to present our latest product updates. They are a significant step toward improving the user experience for retailers working with GroupBy. We are confident the new features, improved navigation and added ease of use will enable our customers to create rich, compelling and highly converting shopping experiences more easily and more effectively.

The merchandising landscape is changing. We are seeing a shift from rule-based systems to automated AI-first technology. From here on, our features and products will focus on automation through AI. This allows merchandisers to spend more time on strategic business initiatives,” Natarajan added.

Search and product discovery

GroupBy’s next-generation Search and Product Discovery Platform, supported by Google Cloud Discovery AI, helps B2B and B2C eCommerce retailers create the highest converting site experiences possible. Data Enrichment is a core part of the product discovery process. GroupBy’s platform goes beyond to solve the biggest problems facing retailers today. Coupled with next-generation AI and machine learning, brands can provide Google-quality search experiences while lowering overall technology costs. Positive digital customer experiences boost key site-wide metrics like conversion and click-through rate, revenue per search, and average order value.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

Google’s own research suggests $2 trillion is lost annually to search abandonment. A leading culprit behind bad search experiences is poor product data. Poor product data comes in a variety of guises. Inferior quality images and videos, inaccurate, badly written and non-engaging copy, badly structured product hierarchies, and inaccurate filters are some causes. In addition to erroneous working search and product recommendation functionality.

GroupBy’s product updates have been designed to enhance the user product discovery phase in the pre-purchase cycle. The Updates are expected to unify the product discovery experience, upgrade security and streamline navigation within merchandising platform. The key new features are the integration of GroupBy’s data enrichment product (Enrich) into its Command Center to support comprehensive product discovery experience.

Additionally, the implementation of SSO via Oauth and the introduction of site filter functionality for retailers with multiple sites and brands. Product enrichment is such a vital component of the eCommerce process. However, it remains a process often overlooked or poorly undertaken by many retailers. An area for further research.



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