Leapwork (credit image/Pixabay/DzeeShah)Leapwork has been selected by global retailer Bestseller to automate testing across its point of sale and eCommerce processes. Bestseller aims to maintain a seamless shopping experience for customers globally. With Leapwork, Besteller can further invest in quality customer experiences by removing QA bottlenecks. Bestseller plans to achieve continuous, end-to-end testing across a range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. Minimising the risk of any disruptions during regular software updates.

Bestseller products are sold across 70 countries, including 17,000 multi-brand and department stores, and 3,000 Bestseller branded stores. Omni-channel selling means a complex technology stack. The company saw the need to test across technologies and integrations as critical in end-to-end processes like order fulfilment.

Leapwork will help us to maintain the healthy functioning of systems and processes that we rely on,” says Kim Guldager, Product Owner at Bestseller. “This is essential to deliver an excellent experience for our customers globally, and crucial to the success of the business.”

Strategic partnership with Microsoft

(credit image/LinkedIn/Christian Brink Frederiksen)
Christian Brink Frederiksen, Leapwork Co-Founder and CEO

Earlier in June 2023, Leapwork formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft. This enables customers and partners to drive innovation and achieve continuous quality across Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft customers and channel partners can use Leapwork’s solution to manage software updates and automate business processes across any application.

We rely heavily on applications across the D365 suite, and it’s critical that the test automation solution we work with is robust enough to handle the complexities that come with frequent software updates. Unlike test automation solutions we have used previously, Leapwork is extremely easy to use, and does not require any understanding of code. Enabling the people who are building, designing and maintaining our everyday systems and processes to quickly and easily build test flows, without needing to rely on developer resources will allow us to scale testing quickly,” added Guldager.

Christian Brink Frederiksen, Leapwork Co-Founder and CEO said: “We are proud to partner with a fellow Danish-founded company that has become a true retail success story. We know how central the customer experience is to Bestseller, and to ensure quality customer experiences, test coverage is critical. Our focus is to enable retailers to build, maintain and scale automation faster. This ensures that technology debt and opportunity cost can be reduced quickly, allowing the customer experience to take centre stage.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Ambitious companies undertake a continuous cycle of enhancement and improvements to their products and solutions. This requires testing infrastructure, resources and QA expertise to manage the testing of code for product updates and releases. It is surprising that more organisations and enterprises have not embraced automation to support their test efforts. Hence the reason why Bestseller is attracted to Leapwork’s AI-powered visual test automation platform.

Bestseller has a complex technical stack comprised of a variety of technologies, applications and integrations across a number of countries. Leapwork expects to help Bestseller ensure the continuity of business-critical processes that run across Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. In the long run, this should reduce risk while businesses undertake major technical transformations.


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