Roxtec (c) 2023 Roxtec
Roxtec (c) 2023 Roxtec

IFS has announced that Roxtec is another existing customer that will move to IFS Cloud, a Swedish modular pipe and cable sealing systems company. Roxtec first deployed IFS ERP in 1999. With over 800 employees and operations in 26 countries, it has relied on IFS for over twenty years. It has benefited from the localisation that IFS already provided.

Rikard Hasselgren, CIO of Roxtec, said, “We have worked with IFS for many years now and have built a strong, trust-based relationship with them over that time. We are confident that using IFS Cloud will enable us to enhance this further, allowing us to keep a lid on costs and increase operational reliability, security, redundancy, and scalability across all our daily operations end-to-end – from manufacturing to customer orders to invoicing and finance.”

The challenge

While Roxtec had worked with IFS closely over the years and upgraded through previous versions on budget on time, Magnus Petersson, CEO, explained why it wanted to move to the cloud. He said in a supporting video, “The biggest challenge that we are facing at Roxtec is that we are a very small company. But we need to have the infrastructure of a big company.

“The biggest reason for upgrading is to have stability in the system. It’s worth a lot of money for Roxtec. The company needs to be able to invoice. We need to deliver goods. We need to service our customers. Therefore it’s key to have a stable system. With Cloud, we have a 24/7 promise. Predictability is the key in this sense. I know what it’s cost. And I know that there are no surprises in the future. Now, peace of mind.”

The benefits

In moving to IFS Cloud, it will gain from the evergreen model that IFS Cloud supports, enabling it to upgrade continuously without the same costs that it incurred before. However, cloud updates do not mean no cost, as organisations must consider the change management required to take advantage of new features.

Petersson confirmed the immediate benefits saying, “IFS cloud solution has provided us immediate return on investment. Firstly, cost saving and time-wise. While in the long run, we see that the cloud is the most cost-efficient solution for Roxtec.”

The solution is already being rolled out to 25 countries, with the remainder to follow. Looking forward, Roxtec will also gain the advantages of the latest IFS Cloud functionality over its previous version. It hopes to leverage the new business process automation capability to drive organisational productivity and efficiency.

The improved business intelligence and analytics capability will give the company a better, more transparent view across the whole company as each region is onboarded. It will also make expansion and scaling easier.

Roxtec expects IFS Cloud to drive enhanced productivity across its operations and increase data utilization through integrated analytics and business intelligence. In addition, it plans to use the software’s “Build Place” capability to customize the software and conduct impact tests. Other areas of improvement include improving EDI, parts handling for Engineer to Order (ETO) and Configure to Order (CTO) processes.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Ann-Kristin Sander, Managing Director, Nordics, IFS
Ann-Kristin Sander, Managing Director, Nordics, IFS

IFS has been very successful in migrating its customers to the IFS Cloud. Roxtec is just the latest example of that. Ann Kristin Sander, Managing Director Nordics, IFS, said, “Across all of its core target markets from critical infrastructure to manufacturing to the renewable energy industry, Roxtec is experiencing strong and steady demand. Using IFS Cloud will ensure that it is able to consistently meet this demand today and easily scale to accommodate future growth plans. We are thrilled to be continuing to work in close partnership with them to assist them in meeting their long-term strategic goals.”

IFS has successfully migrated a large percentage of its existing customer base, securing its market share. Its latest set of results (H1 2023) were again impressive. Can it now start to eat into the market share of rivals?

IFS growth marches on in 2023



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