Besyncly (Credit image/Pixabay/Pexels from Pixabay)eCommerce web developers who are struggling to cope with booming demand have been offered a lifeline by a new solution that solves a host of integration headaches. The acceleration of online retail start-ups has resulted in developers in Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce experiencing higher demand than ever. Demand was high, especially during Black Friday and the festive period. They are also coping with demanding clients, who expect eCommerce sites to integrate with accounting software like Sage or Xero. Additionally, they want integration with business management software like Salesforce.

UK platform integration specialists at Besyncly say the painful reality is that most systems do not speak to each other. Furthermore, they say those data black holes are a “blight on business”.

Automating transactions

(credit image/LinkedIn/Lara Fitches)
Lara Fitches, Besyncly Sales Manager

Besyncly’s clients automate the processing of transactions which would otherwise have to be done manually, massively increasing their productivity. The integration tool has already handled tens of millions of transactions of data this year. It is up 70% on the same period in 2021, resulting in hundreds of working hours saved for its clients.

Lara Fitches, Besyncly Sales Manager, said: “Every day we are contacted by web developers who are at their wits’ end. Their clients are demanding integrations that they simply don’t have the capacity to deliver.

“The worst is when it comes to accountancy software, which is all about invoicing, VAT and cashflow. So, there is absolutely no room for error. At a time when they are already incredibly busy, integration is another headache they can do without.

“Nine out of 10 of them just want us to take away the pain. They want to focus on building beautiful, easy to navigate ecommerce sites. Not wrestling with plug-ins, or coding custom solutions that will quickly be out of date.

“Speaking” to business software

Besyncly has been developed and launched by established integration specialists Eureka Solutions. It enables most of the major eCommerce platforms to “speak” to accountancy software systems and other business software.

As a cloud system, it requires no downloads or updates. A dedicated team of developers are constantly adding new “connectors” to bridge even more of the data black holes.

Lara added: “Pretty much every business uses accounting software, but those don’t speak to the eCommerce platforms. That means that every time a customer places an order online. A member of staff will have to manually type that information into their book-keeping or accountancy software.

“Then someone also needs to manually adjust stock levels and upload them back to the website. If they are doing those 20 to 100 times a day it is a full-time job for someone. Yet Besyncly makes all of it happen automatically, to a schedule that’s customised to each individual business.

A flood of new customers

Besyncly says eCommerce website developers are its biggest growth sector because of heightened expectations from a flood of new customers. This includes start-ups and traditional retailers moving online. However, enthusiasm for new eCommerce sites can wane quickly when it becomes apparent that they do not communicate with accountancy software.

Gillian Livingstone, Chief Operating Officer at Eureka Solutions said, “Time is the one thing that all of our clients wish they had more of, and we are giving them it.

“When it comes to eCommerce businesses, the efficiencies delivered by Besyncly speak for themselves. Users are freed up from error-prone processes that soak up staff time. As a result, teams can focus on being more productive, while instant access to accurate business data brings benefits. This ranges from faster order fulfilment to better stock management.”

The system is also ideal for web developers who offer bespoke eCommerce platforms. Two eCommerce agencies have bespoke Besyncly connectors for their platforms, Somerset-based Iconography and Visualsoft, which has its HQ in Newcastle.

Lara added, “What most agencies want are clients who stick with them. When developers can make integrations simple and updates seamless, clients are more likely to stick around. When they are also helping them to be more efficient and profitable. That is as close as you can get to a guarantee of ‘stickiness’.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

“A developer, a developer, my kingdom for a developer!” That’s what Shakespeare would have quipped, if he was writing a business case in any modern-day business. The rise of eCommerce, the rapid acceleration of start-ups and the move towards B2B commerce has resulted in a shortage of developers.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday demonstrated the peak need for skillsets in Shopify, Adobe Commerce and WooCommerce. So, Besyncly’s solution looks really interesting. The company’s clients automate the processing of transactions which would otherwise have to be done manually, massively increasing their productivity.

The integration tool has already handled tens of millions of transactions of data this year. This is up 70% on the same period in 2021. The company says it has resulted in hundreds of working hours saved per year for its clients.


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