AWS Planview Cloud - Image by Pexels from Pixabay As re:Invent draws to a close with Amazon announcements a little underwhelming, it has been left to others to unveil some of the more interesting announcements. AWS continues to attract software companies, with Planview the latest to announce its allegiance.

Planview, a leader in portfolio management and work management, has selected AWS as its cloud platform of choice. It will use AWS technology to accelerate innovation for its 2.6 million customers. What is not clear from the announcement is what technologies Planview will look to adopt to deliver those benefits. Planview will enhance its operational efficiencies through automation, streamlined processes, and real-time analytics. The latter, perhaps opening up some potential benefits to customers with Amazon QuickSight, and it may leverage the AI/ML offerings of Amazon, such as Amazon SageMaker

Once available AWS, Planview will benefit from the scalability, security and reliability that the hyper cloud vendor offers. Several Planview applications already leverage AWS as their cloud platform. However, Planview did not reveal any timescales for others to move there. The announcement also lists AWS as a preferred vendor rather than a sole cloud vendor. Does this mean that Planview will continue to use other cloud services for the time being?

Razat Gaurav, CEO of Planview
Razat Gaurav, CEO of Planview

Razat Gaurav, CEO of Planview, commented, “Continuous innovation is at the core of our mission to build the future of connected work for our customers. AWS provides us with the reliable foundation and agility we need to continue to drive innovation, scale our global operations, and quickly, securely, and efficiently serve as the backbone for our connected platform that supports both our organization and our customers’. With AWS, we will continue to help our growing customers connect their ideas to impact, across projects and products, and deliver positive outcomes – especially in times of change.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Another significant software vendor has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud platform. AWS continues to win large software vendors, including BMC, Freshworks, Infor and Intuit. Planview is now added to that list.

Rich Geraffo, vice president of North America at AWS, commented, “By developing and scaling new services on AWS, Planview is able to provide customers with the visibility they need to connect teams, plans, and opportunities to drive successful digital transformations. AWS’s infrastructure and industry-leading services will help Planview drive new insights and enhance operations. We look forward to working with Planview to innovate new ways for its enterprise customers to make the most of their data in real-time and execute on their strategic goals.”

This announcement is just the first step on a journey. How Planview will leverage AWS in the coming months is unclear. Also, what does this mean for other cloud vendors that it currently hosts with?


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