Mountain Heaven Image by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ from Pixabayinsightsoftware has released Logi Composer 7. This is the latest update of the embedded analytics solution that insightsoftware purchased in April 2021. Logi Analytics is focused on delivering an out-of-the-box solution for developers that they can embed in their solutions, delivering end users a custom analytics solution. Developers can create a unique experience for their solution to deliver to their customer base.

The announcement is a roll-up of eleven-point releases from version 7.0 through 7.10, as well as many updates to the API. There are development, deployment, UI and integration improvements across the platform.

Logi Analytics has built a sophisticated embedded analytics solution that software firms can quickly embed into their solution. This allows software companies to free up time to develop their reporting and analytics solutions. The solution is also always improving, enabling vendors to have a modern analytics solution available to customers, increasing wallet share and ensuring customers receive the advantage of not having to layer their analytics platform on top.

The Dresner Advisory Services report Self-Service Business Intelligence market study highlighted that 62% of respondents noted self-service business intelligence (BI) is critical to organizations. Logi Analytics enables vendors to provide this for their customers using low-code dashboards and data visualisations.

Lee An Schommer, Chief Product Officer, insight software
Lee An Schommer, Chief Product Officer, insight software

Lee An Schommer, Chief Product Officer at insightsoftware, commented: “Businesses are experiencing explosive growth of data across multiple databases. It’s outpacing what most teams can realistically manage and it’s no longer sustainable to work across BI applications.

“Data literacy also varies across functional teams, but this can be managed with the right tools and support. Logi Composer is thoughtfully built to address these challenges by offering personalized self-service experience catered to users with different skill levels.

“This helps them easily understand, extract, and customize data all in one place, while giving them the confidence to contribute to key, strategic decision-making. This launch is a direct response to the needs and feedback from our customers, driven by the inevitable nature of the evolving workplace.”

What is in Logi Composer 7?

  • It is possible to install Logi Composer on Windows Server versions 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019 using a bootstrap script.
  • It is possible to install Logi Composer in an Amazon Linux 2 environment.
  • Updates to support for Ubuntu and CentOS.
  • There is authentication support for AWS Elasticsearch and other integration improvements for Apache Solr, and Cloudera Search.
  • Data visualizations are improved with better navigation, speed and other usability improvements.
  • Redesigned data authoring capabilities for a more user-friendly interface.
  • Improved content creation and administrative features.
  • Enhancements to visualizations to improve speed, visual optimization, and ease of use.
  • A wide range of API enhancements to streamline embedded workflow and integrations.
  • Enhanced data connectivity with changes to how sourcing works.
  • Improvements to user permissions and security.
  • User auditing to track actions and access to sensitive data.
  • Integration improvements.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The release notes contain information about nearly 100 updates from Logi Composer version 6. Existing users should note that the release includes improvements and changes to how some features work and the deprecation of a few features. An example of this is security key authentication. Security Keys have been deprecated as an authentication option in Composer. As part of this change, existing public links previously tied to security keys cannot be used.

There is no major feature update within the release. However, it comprises a wealth of improvements that will help Logi Analytics remain a leader in the embedded analytics market. The solution was recognised in the Dresner Industry Excellence Awards for Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility.


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