Race GB Image credit Pixabay\atanaspaskelevEnterprise Times recently published a blog entitled “Silicon Fen or Silicon Fail? Securing the UK’s future in the tech race”, by Rob Nash, founder and MD of 4 Roads. It was a fascinating read. There is a huge challenge for UK businesses to find new talent with the appropriate training to work in the software industry within the UK. The shortfall of talent is best addressed by education, business and government working together more comprehensively and cohesively.

Rob Nash, Founder and Managing Director of 4 Roads
Rob Nash, Founder and Managing Director of 4 Roads

Talking about tech talent

Enterprise Times caught up with Nash to discuss the issue further. Nash argues that Software Engineering is missing a professional development scheme similar to Architects, Doctors and Teachers. Learning should not stop after education. He also believes that “we have to recognise just briefly is there is also talent that doesn’t go the route of education.

The discussion looks at the different types of interaction between business and education and how the government’s support might improve the situation. Some good initiatives have been around for a while. However, some, like sandwich courses and internships, often deliver little benefit to students. Nash noted: “they are either put in a corner and given some trivial tasks, or they’re asked to sort out the filing cabinet rather than actually getting the essential experience that they need.

He argues that industry leaders need to be more involved with universities, bringing real-life experiences into the classroom. It is possible to develop programs for small, medium-sized and larger businesses. These can work and benefit both the organisations and students. The government also has a place in this. Nash notes: “Government needs to put in place policies that encourage businesses to work with education to enable education to serve the companies better.

At the end of the podcast, he reveals what 4 Roads has done, what success he has had and what small business leaders can do to help address the talent shortage.

To hear what else Woods has to say, download and listen to the podcast.

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