Puzzle Workato Ephesoft Image credit Pixabay/WilheiEphesoft has announced that it has integrated Ephesoft Transact with the Workato Enterprise Automation Platform. Ephesoft Transact connector is now available on the Workato app directory for customers to download. This will enable customers to combine Workato’s integration platform with Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing platform. It will enable customers to automate document processes with the extension applications that Workato has connections to.

The connector is configurable, and Enterprise Times asked Ephesoft what the available configuration options are?

“Customers can get the data that we capture from documents into the Workato platform, which has over 1,000 integrations already in their platform. Therefore, we can take advantage of any configuration/integrations that Workato Supports.”

There is already one joint customer leveraging the power of this combination. Founded in Torino, Italy,  Eataly is a global online market, restaurant and grocery chain. Since its founding in 2007, it now has more than 35 locations and 5,000 employees. It is the world’s largest artisanal Italian food and beverage marketplace.

Eataly leverages the combination of Workato and Ephesoft Transact to process facilities and maintenance expenses. The solution streamlines the process from invoice receipt in Ephesoft Transact through an automated workflow that includes approvals to post information into its Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.

Derek Yung,  Director, Accounting and Accounts Payable at Eataly, commented: “It’s great – the process is fully automated. We were able to take the burden off each store’s general manager by eliminating time-consuming tasks. We’re now able to process invoices about 90% faster than before and seamlessly send the data into Microsoft Great Plains.”

What can this combination do?

While Ephesoft Transact already has some connectors, the Workato platform opens up opportunities. Customers who use SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, Infor, Slack and Box can now connect them with Ephesoft using Workato, with little effort. They can then automate the end to end processing of documents across their organisations. The result is an increase in efficiency and assistance with digital transformation initiatives. Ephesoft claims that analysts estimate organisations lose between 20%-30% of revenues because of inefficient processes.

Ike Kavas , founder and CEO, Ephesoft
Ike Kavas, founder and CEO, Ephesoft

Ike Kavas, founder and CEO at Ephesoft, commented: “A data-driven approach must be in place for enterprises to scale and grow. Yet, many enterprises are trying to automate processes using unreliable and unstructured data. Or, they don’t have access to the data at all.

“Together, Ephesoft’s IDP platform and Workato’s Enterprise Automation Platform will alleviate that issue and help customers perform and compete at a higher level.

“Our IDP platform automates document-centric processes and delivers accurate data to any application, which will be fast and easy using Workato’s platform. Our goal at Ephesoft is to help our customers and partners to simplify and accelerate their automation efforts, which is what this partnership is all about.”

Enterprise Times asked Ephesoft a few questions about the announcement. Who did the development work to integrate Ephesoft with Workato?

We have two products that integrate with Workato: Semantik and Transact. The Semantik integration was built by our Semantik development team with the help of the Workato SDK. The Transact connector is also built with the Workato SDK and an export script published on Ephesoft Labs.”

What is the roadmap plans to improve the integration?

“Ephesoft plans to add more capabilities to our Transact platform so that export mapping can be done even more easily.”

Workato extends platform

For Workato, this adds yet another application onto its platform. This is good news in the fight to gain market share for its IpaaS solution. Markus Zirn, SVP of Strategy and Business Development at Workato, commented: Workato prides itself on continuing to cultivate the largest Connector Library in Enterprise Automation and we’re excited to make integrations and automations with Ephesoft available to our customers.

“Structured, actionable data is a prerequisite for successful digital transformation and now companies can quickly send extracted document data to other enterprise systems and workflows using Workato and Ephesoft.”

Now connected, organisations can leverage the Ephesoft connector to create their own hybrid application platform that fits their business. It enables them to select best in class applications, like Ephesoft, to complete a digital transformation without the need to make a single platform solution fit their business.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Is this huge news for most, know. However, for Ephesoft customers, and prospects it is important. It means that the investment they have made already can be further leveraged and improved by using Workato as the integration hub for their business. There is still work to complete the integration between applications, but it is far less than if no connector was available.

While Ephesoft confirmed that Eataly is the only customer currently using the Workato Connector, many more may already be joint customers. This is really good news for those currently using Workato with other software applications. It means they already have the technology in place and understand how it works.

How many customers will be using the Ephesoft connector in 12 months?  That will be the metric that will determine whether the development effort was worth it.


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