Sage Employee Benefits (Image crdit Pixabay/SerenaWong)Sage has partnered with PlanSource to launch Sage People US Benefits. The new benefits solution will leverage the PlanSource employee benefits program delivering an end-to-end benefits solution. The combination provides automation for onboarding, communication and administration, It also aims to reduce the HR efforts in an important addition of benefits. As companies look to attract new talent, benefits are becoming increasingly important.

The platform will enable mid-sized companies to automate the entire benefits administration process. It includes annual enrolment, monthly billing, and a self-service shopping experience for employees. The platform offers seamless integration to benefits carriers, payroll, and other third parties.

In total, PlanSource supports more than 800 different HCM, Payroll and other third-party solutions. PlanSource estimates that customers have saved five hours for each employee every year and three weeks of HR time due to the open enrollment. There are also direct cost savings, with it estimating that annual savings per ineligible dependent are $3,500/year.

Jonathan Goldsmith, Sage’s VP of Product and Interim Head of Sage People
Jonathan Goldsmith, Sage’s VP of Product and Interim Head of Sage People

Jonathan Goldsmith, Sage’s VP of Product and Interim Head of Sage People, commented, “The increased intricacies of the U.S. healthcare system have resulted in more complexity and administration work for HR, and even more confusion for employees. In response, benefits technology has evolved and is fundamentally changing the way benefits are bought, sold, and managed.

“Embedding PlanSource into Sage People allows us to quickly integrate best-in-class cloud benefits technology into our HR and People solution – so our customers can spend less time managing benefits administration, and more time focused on driving employee wellbeing.”

Why are benefits important

Sage People US Benefits enables companies to deliver benefits with a platform that will ensure compliance and deliver an ROI that is constantly reviewed. Organisations can identify which benefits employees take up and those they don’t, adjusting their spending accordingly to maximise value. Benefits are important. A survey by Benify on important benefits revealed that health and wellness benefits were second only to working hours and leave.

As a result of the pandemic, employee wellbeing is critical to the success of organisations. Organisations need to consider how they will attract and retain talent. Without a benefits program, this may be challenging. Without a solution to administrate the benefits program, costs will mount.

What does the platform offer?

PlanSource provides a complete benefits solution that delivers the following benefits.

Employee engagement

The platform delivers a personalised experience to employees and will recommend benefits specific to their circumstances. It supports single sign-on, and the mobile interface ensures that employees can consider benefits at a time that suits them. The shopping cart displays the benefits and the impact on monthly paychecks.

Control Costs

Both employees and employers will gain maximum value from the benefits program. Overlaid analytics make it easier to identify areas for improvement and ways to reduce costs significantly.

Automate Administration

The platform will help administer complex benefit plans and associated compliance requirements such as ACA, COBRA and HIPAA. This will eliminate lengthy manual processes, tackle complex benefits plans, and reduce costs and effort with integrated end-to-end benefits automation

Connect and Sync Data

With a digitised solution combining HR with benefits, HR teams will reduce their carbon footprint with far less printed matter. With all stakeholders entering data onto a single system, there is greater accuracy and efficiency. HCM, carrier, payroll and benefits provider systems are all synchronised.

Simplify Billing and Reporting

The automated billing systems means less time preparing and reconciling bills. HR gains better visibility of the costs incurred and the engagement on different benefits and the value to the company. They can drill down into the report quickly and easily to identify discrepancies and overspend

Nancy Sansom, Chief Commercial Officer at PlanSource, commented, “PlanSource brings to Sage People robust, cloud-based benefits technology that’s already trusted by more than 5,000 customers. Sage People U.S. Benefits, powered by PlanSource, enables businesses to streamline the complexities and manual processes that the benefits and HR industry face today when it comes to managing benefit programs. The integrated solution delivers a modern benefits experience so that both employees and HR teams can get the most value out of their company’s HR system.”

Enterprise Times:  What does this mean

Sage People US Benefits delivers a solution that enhances its already strong Sage People HCM platform. It will enable US customers to take advantage of the PlanSource benefits solution used by more than 5,000 organisations, including the City of Cincinnati, Ashley Homestore, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. What is disappointing is the PlanSource site reveals little information around the benefits it offers employees themselves.

The only negative on this announcement is that it is limited to the US. There is no indication that Sage People also has a connection to a global benefits organisation or relationships in other countries. Sage People supports the administration of a benefits solution in those locations but does not seem to offer any integration partners yet. The solution is generally available now. It is not clear if Sage Employee Benefits is able to connect with Sage People.


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