(Image credit/Pixabay/Pexel)Speaking at Smartsheet’s ENGAGE virtual event, Gene Farrell, Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Smartsheet outlined the journey towards building a no-code enterprise. Smartsheet is an enterprise platform provider that supports dynamic work.

Gene identified five key themes that emerge from conversations with 1000s of its customers.

Five tips to building a no-code enterprise

  1. One of the most important issue that businesses need to deliver, is truly modern and engaging experiences. No business process, no matter how well designed, will be successful without active engagement from everyone involved.

    (Image credit/LinkedIn/Gene Farrell)
    Gene Farrell, Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Smartsheet
  2. Businesses need to be able to execute at scale. Enterprises have to make sure the tools and platforms you deploy support where your business is today, and where you need to be in the future. One of Smartsheet’s client performance marketing team is using tools to simplify and standardise processes across their entire marketing organisation.
  3. Businesses also need enterprise-class management, security and governance capabilities that are required to protect the company’s information.
  4. An enterprise platform that provides a broad ecosystem of enterprise workflows. Together with deep integrations will be needed to build solutions across your entire stack.
  5. And finally, businesses need a partner they can trust. A partner who is easy to work with and has the ability to support use cases across the organisation. A partner who is constantly innovating to help the business achieve its strategic goals and objectives.

No-code is the ability to achieve a software-based outcome without the need to utilise code. A simple and intuitive graphical way that allows non-technical employees to configure systems and build applications with no code.

Smartsheet discusses the future of business and the big unlock – no code


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